How Wet Wipes help you deal with Common Germ Hot Spots

In the new normal world, wet wipes have assumed a greater role and importance than never before. Just like hand sanitizers keep our hands clean from germs and dirt, wet wipes keep surfaces and gadgets clean. For many small businesses that are striving to come in terms with the changed circumstances, wet wipes will make a budget friendly promotional tool to stay connected with their prospects.

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As the business world and social life has largely been confined to the virtual world today, it becomes crucial for everyone to keep their digital devices germ free and safe to use. Did you know that keyboards can have as much germs as your toilet? Most people don’t give a thought to it even as they continue to spend long hours in front of the keyboards and monitors.

 As your employees and clients remain glued to their screen, or their ears tuned to a podcast, wet wipes have a major role in keeping the gadgets clean and free of grime. Whether it is powerbanks, mouse and pads, keyboards, earbuds or any other tech accessory that you are using at work or to learn online, wet wipes will make a smart way to clean.

 If you consider the branding opportunity versus the unit cost, there are very few stronger promotional items than custom wet wipes.  Offered in various models including alcohol free wet wipes, these can be used to wipe not just hands but also gadgets and work spaces.  Wet wipes with Benzalkonium Chloride as active ingredient is a great substitute for the alcohol wipes that could sting.

Wet wipes can even get shared among employees or family members of your recipients. As these colorful packets are passed around across various people, your brand and message will reach a fresh set of audience. Available in both plain and scented models, custom wet wipes make great giveaways at super markets, schools or offices. No matter how you choose to use these wellness  items, your logo and message imprinted on the packets of wet wipes will get the undivided attention of everyone around.

 To clean phones and wallets

Wet wipes come to your aid when you need to clean highly sensitive gadgets like phones or other accessories like wallets that could be damaged if cleaned by soap and water.

To wipe off touch points

Door knobs and elevator handles are some of the most potent touch points that people should be wary of. In public places like offices or supermarkets, door knobs can gather germs and pose a high risk of contamination. Doing a quick wipe is the best way to stay safe for your recipients.

 Whether at home, office or on the move, wet wipes will make a handy way to stay safe in the post pandemic world. If you want to get your message across or show that you care, custom wet wipes will make excellent choices that will tick all your boxes.