How To Utilize Surplus Custom Handouts- Top tips

The pandemic might have thrown cold water over the promotional plans of most businesses leaving them with stacks of unused custom gifts. Whether it is the cancelled trade shows or the postponed product launch or milestone celebrations, all of these might have left behind a lot of giveaway items.

Now that you are at the end of the year, it is best to utilize these gifts in the best way possible so that you don’t have to start the New Year with left over custom giveaways. Surely there’s a smart way to use these excess giveaways! Here are a few tips that will help you to put it to good use.

Group of parcels with label

Group of parcels with label

#1 Donate  it to a nonprofit agency

Non profits are in dire need of donor support to carry out their mission. Donating these giveaways will help you gain goodwill from the local community.

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Distribute it at local events

If there are some local events like sporting events or an outdoor camp, you can distribute these imprinted giveaways to make your presence felt. The attendees will instantly associate your brand with the event, helping them remember your business more often.

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As Online contest prizes

With most business promotions turning virtual, online contests make a great way to drive up the engagement of your audience. Whether it is imprinted pens, tumblers or t shirts, these strategy will never fail to pay you off.

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  Hand it out to your employees and clients

End of the year holiday season is upon us. So, if you have some imprinted holiday gifts like ornaments, BBQ sets, food and candy items etc that are ready to be distributed, hand it out to your employees and clients to convey your seasonal wishes and your gratitude for their support during this hard time.  This simple gesture will go a long way in building a positive reputation for your organization.

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As holiday swag

Add some of the excess giveaways to a gift basket for your existing clients. It is a smart way to come up with a unique and comprehensive gift set without investing a lot of money.

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As mailer gifts

As personal interactions are minimal due to the pandemic induced social distancing norms during 2020 holiday season, mailer gifts take the center stage. Light weight and compact giveaways like  holiday magnets, wet wipes, face masks, towels etc can be used as mailer gifts. Your audience will be incredibly pleased to get a gift by snail mail after eons while your message gets their undivided attention.

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At a time when most businesses had to down size their marketing budget, using the  surplus custom gifts in your warehouse will make a judicious move to stay connected with your audience and stand ahead in the competition. The best part is that as you have these custom gifts ready to dispatch and in stock, you can save a lot of time delay as well.

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