How to Pack a Punch to your Events with Custom Foam Fingers

Sport season is right here and football frenzy is in the air. Businesses planning a sport themed promotional event will find custom foam fingers a fabulous choice!

Not convinced? When’s the last time you thought about incorporating custom foam fingers into your marketing campaign?

Foam fingers are perfect for sporting events. Designed for the crazy fans that wish to make the most of the thrills and spills of the game day, these colorful fingers that pop up along the stadium stands make a  spectacle in itself. Interestingly, foam fingers not just get sports fans up on their feet but will leave a great impact on businesses as well!

Custom Foam Fingers grab Attention

Foam fingers demand attention not just in the game stands and the stadium but even  on wide screen TV  that will be broadcast all over. If you wish to add a fun twist to your marketing while drawing easy attention to your brand, custom foam fingers will be a great choice. Budget friendly, well retained as game day souvenirs and  proven stadium staples, foam fingers are available in various  gestures like  Victory Finger and Thumbs Up, among others.

Announce discount deals

If you have a big sale coming up or wish to announce the discount offers to your audience , custom foam fingers are a great choice to draw attention to. Customize these logo items with your logo, artwork and   message and every time someone wears it, your logo will get a wide angle display. Can your outdoor promotions get any better? Remember- All you need is someone to wear them!

The best part is that since foam fingers are universally known as attention-getters, these will bring more attention than typical board signs. As your sports crazy fans wave and flash their hands wearing these dramatic foam fingers, they will create a great display on the stands that will make the rival team on the ground see red, all the while putting your brand on a display!

For fund raising events

If you are planning to host a fundraiser, custom foam fingers will make a great choice to get the word out and get more participants.  You can even use these budget friendly foam fingers as fund raising items. People will simply be excited to get foam fingers any time. It is amazing that how these simple and silly giveaways will inspire people to chill and have all the fun in the world! Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture to create a lasting emotional connection. Get creative, have fun, and drum up the support for your charitable events, game days and other events.

Need more tips to deploy foam fingers in your promotional events? Reach out to our team to stay on top of the trends. Shop right away!