How to Make Your Message On Promotional Products Stand out – A Quick guide

If you have been using just your logo while customizing your promotional items, you could be missing out a lot. You’re not alone! Many businesses display just their name and logo and leave it at that. However, what people overlook is the fact that custom gifts are extensions of their brand culture and creativity. Promotional gifts make a great blank canvas for you to show off your creative skills. Think beyond the logo; come up with interesting tagline and message to highlight your brand identity and your creative skills. It will surely draw a lot of attention among your prospects

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Not sure how to go about it? Here are some messaging styles that will cut the ice.

Catchy Slogan

Create a tagline that is fun and catchy. Spice up your promotion by coming up with a slogan that sums up your brand and help people remember you easily. An interesting tagline creates great brand recognition; make it short and crisp so that your recipients will find it easy to read and recollect.11 Oz Custom Printed White Ceramic Mugs

Brand culture

Businesses that convey the message why they are in their business line will attract customers easily. It will make the prospects feel an instant connection with your brand – result strong brand loyalty. So, if you have been telling your customers what you do, it is time to switch to “why you do”; everyone will find it more interesting and above all tell the world about your vision and values. Put it on your promotional items and show the world what your brand stands for.

Event-Specific Messaging

Planning to attend a specific event? Imprint your custom gifts with the details of the event to make them event souvenirs that people will cherish. Specific messages will make these items special and one of a kind as well.

Light hearted jokes

Events are perfect times for you to get creative with some fun and hilarious messages that will break the formal norm. You can be even wicked or tongue in cheek to portray the playful profile of your brand. It will leave your customers bemused. Your recipients will love showing off their cool, funny and witty promotional items.

Less is more

Make sure that your message is concise and clear. Do not stuff the design with too much info, which could make it hard to read. Keep it clean and simple.

Consider your audience

If you have a specific audience niche, you can fine tune the message to choose their tastes. For instance, you can try witty and naughty for a young audience; classic and thought-provoking for a mature audience etc.

Your message should match the product

Make sure to align your messaging with the custom product itself. Pick up a tagline that matches the imprint space and the custom item to pack a punch to the whole exercise.

Have a better message idea in mind? Do share it with us. Are you ready to shop for promo products? We’ve been waiting for you!

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