How To Impress Kids with Custom Unicorn Pens

In today’s world,  kids evolve to be  active customers from a very young age. Increased awareness coupled with easy accessibility of goods  make them brand aware. With younger kids now viewed as a potential target market, here are some tips to customize these kids friendly pens to get across your message to kids.

Why a Promotional pen? It is something kids need on a daily basis at schools, arts and crafts classes and more. Add a creative design in brilliant colors to make it pleasing for the little ones and inspire them to use it even more frequently. Durable to endure the knocks and drops of daily use, these attractive custom pens with a unicorn head on top will indeed make your brand the favorite talking topic among the kids for sure.

Communicate With Parents

Pens are popular across all age groups. Thus marketers can even engage the parents with their message. Though children play a key part in influencing the purchase behavior of families, engaging parents is no less important. Parents prioritize product safety when making a purchase for their kids. Thus it is important to introduce your brand to them through popular giveaways like custom pens.

Keep it Short and Sweet

As you are primarily reaching out to kids, take care to use short and simple messages that they can relate with. Like wise use simple and direct artwork that will concisely convey the message without confusing them.

Choices galore

To retain the interest of the kids, use pens in many colors and variants. Kids in general have a short attention span and only items they take an interest in can impress them.

Leveraging on relatable TV shows

While customizing, marketers can incorporate themes of the most recent shows and trends that kids instinctively relate to. The unicorn design that is subtly leveraging on the show My Little Pony has a massive fan base for the show. With such a large target audience, these custom giveaways will not only impress the kids but even adults as well. Brand leveraging is common in marketing; make the best use of it by using custom unicorn pens as your swag.

When done right, there is great potential in marketing to kids where marketers get an incredible return per advertising dollar.

If you are interested to make this Unicorn pen part of your marketing swag, get started right away. Should you need any assistance in customizing this product, reach out to our team.