How To  Find The  Perfect Type Of Custom Water Bottles For Your Promotions

Water bottles have become veritable part of the busy and mobile lifestyles of everyone. Apart from ensuring the daily fix of water and refreshments at easy access, drinkware items make stylish accessories as well. Available in a wide range of interesting models, materials and colors, custom water bottles offer something special for everyone.


Designed to look good and last long,  water bottles will literally get your message right into the hands of your audience, keeping them engaged with your brand consistently. Here are some popular models in water bottles that make safe investments in marketing events.

Metal water Bottles

Metal water bottles one of the most popular choices on offer.  Durable and long lasting, these bottles will ensure good water quality. Insulated models  can also keep cold liquids chilled and hot beverages hot for a long time, which makes it a brilliant choice for people on the go. On the flip side, metal water bottles may leave a slightly metallic taste to liquids or retain flavors of the drinks held previously. Insulated stainless-steel bottles are by far the best general-purpose water bottles as it will keep the liquids in its natural taste and keep it  hot or cold as desired.

Personalized 17 Oz Stainless Steel Cola Shaped Bottles

 Glass Water Bottles

Glass is a safe material choice for water bottles as it does not contain dangerous chemicals that may leak into the water and hence won’t alter the quality and taste of the liquids. However, as these can break easily, glass bottles may not be a perfect choice for people on the go. If you are looking for a stylish water bottle in your corporate colors for the work desks of your employees, these logo items will make a great choice.

Customized 18 Oz Dartmouth Glass Bottles Imprinted  Blank  Sample


 Reusable Plastic Bottles

Incredible versatility is the trump card of plastic water bottles as these come in a large variety of sizes, forms, and colors. Light weight and easy to carry around, plastic bottles also make a budget friendly handout for mass events like trade shows and business campaigns. Make sure to choose BPA free plastic bottles that are free of leaching. Convenient and affordable, these are handouts that are hard to overlook!

33 Oz Custom Printed Valais Squeeze Plastic Bottles

Now that you have a fair idea of the features of some of the common water bottle models on offer, you can easily match  your needs with the right set of bottles that match the life style and the mode of usage of your prospects.

Before boiling down your choices, keep these features in mind to make it complement the pace of life of your audience. Add your logo to make it unique and you have a perfect moving billboard at work for your brand!

28 Oz Custom Journey Bike Bottles

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