How to Create Perfect Welcome Back Gift Packs for your Employees

Can there be  a more delightful and warm way to welcome back your team to office after the hiatus than a thoughtful welcome back gift pack? Think beyond the office staples like notebook, pen to make the welcome bag that is rich and value added. Tech accessories , personal care items and wellness gifts will all make great inclusions that will highlight your corporate culture and social responsibility.


Today, welcome packs reflect the company’s values. So creating a perfect welcome pack can go a long way in enhancing your corporate lineage. These custom products will even double up as marketing tools that will go on to make consistent impressions for a long time to come.

A welcome gift bag  can be as creative as you want it to be.  Putting together a great swag bag  requires a consideration on the preferences and needs of the team! Welcome gift pack should primarily be purposeful for the recipients while being eye pleasing and interesting.

While setting up  your welcome pack, make sure to include products that align with your business and highlight the company values. For instance , if your  organization is  focused on sustainability, make sure to include ecofriendly gifts like recycled pens or wheat tumblers in the welcome gift pack.

Eco-Green Paper Barrel Pen

Customize the gifts with your logo, welcome greetings and artwork to make it extra special for the employees. Most importantly, include the most trending giveaways to show that your business stays up to date with the latest trends.

What to include in your Welcome Pack

Ideally the welcome gift bag should include a fair mix of both office staples and team spirit items that creates a feeling on oneness within the team.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets


Notebooks are super practical and essential items in a welcome pack. Your employees will find it useful to take down notes, schedule tasks and even to scribble random thoughts or doodle away their free time. It is indeed an everyday tool in any office setting!  Customize with your logo, corporate colors and inspirational quotes to make it even more special. You can even pair it with a pen to make it value added and more practical.

5x7 Inch Tri-Pocket Notebooks & Satin Pens


Keep your employees motivated and  get them through the long working hours with a hot cup of tea or coffee. These trendy metal tumblers will indeed make a perfect addition to the welcome pack!

A personal mug is a necessity in the office, which they can even use when they commute or even while at home. It is impossible not to fall in love with these stylish insulated drinkware items that are designed to stand out in style! Customize in themes like fun, inspiration, laughter or more to enhance the experience .

Stainless Steel Iceberg Tumblers

Webcam covers

Take care of your team’s cyber security especially when they handle highly confidential information. Ensure effective data protection externally through these budget friendly handouts of web cam covers that are available in various shapes, colors and even fun models that will lighten up the mood. This small yet practical device will ensure safe internal and external communication within your company and leave the team relieved of the risks of their files getting hacked.

Security Webcam Covers

Need more? We have an exclusive section of custom corporate gifts on every price rates to help you diversify your welcome back gift packs.