How To Choose the Most Appropriate Imprint Method – A Quick Guide

Lets be frank about it. Custom giveaways are indeed one of the best marketing strategies to promote your brand. However choosing the best handout is only half your job done. Customizing these giveaways with your logo and message to make it one of its type is what makes them special. If you wish to make your promotional gifts your brand reminders, you should come up with the best imprint techniques that will literally get people stop on their tracks!

Product customization plays a crucial element in creating bespoke customer experiences to different segments of users. It will drive customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and above all enhance the brand recall. Instead of being just generally suitable for everyone on your client list, you can personalize your product to be specifically interesting to every different segment of users.

Not all customization methods are the same

There are many customization techniques available on the market, including laser engraving, digital printing, screen printing and a lot more. Choosing the most appropriate imprint method often depends on the material type, budget and more. Each of these techniques has its own pros and cons though it  can contribute to creating unique handouts that are hard to miss.

This post is exploring the different imprint methods to help you choose the best method that will suit your needs.

Laser engraving

This technique uses a laser beam to engrave the material of the gadget. It is particularly suitable for hard materials such as metal, glass, wood  and plastic. Engraving will produce precise and detailed results and ensures permanent customization.  It does not fade over time and stands the test of time.

Digital printing

Here inkjet printing is ideal to apply the design on the material. This method is perfect for complex or multi-colored images and is ideal especially for apparels, hats and bags. It is also a good choice if you wish to customize giveaways in smaller quantities.

Screen printing

It uses a screen-printing technique for designing. It is ideal on flat or slightly curved surfaces, such as cups and glasses. It is budget friendly and is great for producing high-quality results during mass customization needs.

UV printing

UV Printing is useful  for printing on hard surfaces such as plastic, wood, and metal. Being scratch and wear resistant, this technique ensures high quality outcome.

Full color Dye sublimation

Full color dye sublimation that ensures all-over printing is highly popular among marketers that wish to leave a statement. It ensures dramatic results and will make your design stand out. This technique can be used to print on the whole surface of items like water bottles, umbrellas, apparels and a lot more. Moreover, it can create eye-catching and vibrant designs in a wide range of colors.

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