How To Choose The Best Travel Jackets For Every Season

Perfect travel jacket is light yet warm, stylish and easy to pack. Find it hard to find? Here are some tips that will help you choose a trendy jacket for your travel bag.


Essential Features of Travel Jackets

What are the key features to look for when you’re shopping for the perfect travel jacket, regardless of season? Make sure it has pockets and storage space for your little everyday items that you may need to carry. Consider wrinkle-resistant fabric, since your jacket will likely find itself stuffed into an overhead bin or the bottom of a bag on your travels. Jackets in neutral colors are useful to get dressed up or down, to suit various occasions and make it do double duty!

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Summer Jackets

Except in the hottest of destinations, a light summer jacket will make a useful travel item as it comes handy during cool evenings or summer showers and can even protect you from insects.

Wrinkle-Free fabrics: Summer jackets are likely to be stowed away to be taken only during chilly evening or morning. So, make sure to choose fabrics that are wrinkle free to make sure that the jacket looks nice even if it is stuffed into the bottom of the bag.

Versatile : Ideally the jacket that you choose should not only protect you from  chill but should come handy against wind, sun and even bugs and insects when you are planning an outdoor safari or a hiking trail in a tropical destination.

Fashion traits: Jackets should double up as stylish accessories rather than something plain that just covers up. Choose models that accentuate the dressing style and outdoor fashion.

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Fall jackets

These are one of the most widely used models in jackets and hence the hardest working  items in outwear. Designed to adapt to different and often unpredictable temperatures, these jackets will make a must-have item for travelers.

Comfortable: The jacket you choose should not be either too hot or too cold.  Waterproof or water-resistant exteriors paired with a cozy interior will cater to evening showers and the nip in the air at night. There are even models with removable zip-in liners when the temperatures get warmer while stowable hoods offer discrete rain and wind coverage as needed.

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Winter Jackets and Coats

Insulation : Performance fabrics used in ski wear and outdoorsy winter wear should have serious insulation attributes. Black fabric will make a smart choice if you are looking for a winter jacket for the city streets than the icy slopes.

Easy to Compress: Quilted jackets can be compressed incredibly well and some of these models may come with its own carry bag, making it possible to pack it nicely before tossing it to the bag or you can even carry it separately should you need it often.

Warmth Vs Weight: While choosing winter jackets you may often have to compromise on the luggage weight as only thicker jackets will help you to stay warm. So, you should have a fair idea of the temperature lows in your destination before choosing the right model. If it’s likely to be really cold, stop thinking about weight and consider its insulation features that will keep you warm and cozy during your holidays.

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