How To Choose The Best Custom Patio Umbrellas For Summer Promotions

Patio umbrellas give a fairy tale charm to the summer outdoor fun. Laze around at the beach, enjoy chilled beer at the backyard or indulge in an alfresco dining experience- No matter what your summer fun equation is , these patio umbrellas will go a long way in fulfilling it.


Offered in various solid colors, custom patio umbrellas add a pop of color to the party spaces apart from protecting the revelers from the harsh rays of the sun.  You can also choose from a wide range of handy models like tilting models that can be adjusted according to the direction of the sun’s rays.

Bigger the better!

If you need shade over a lounge or play area, you can choose an umbrella that covers as much of the space as possible. A larger umbrella will ensure a nicely shaded partying space or play area for kids.   For an outdoor table, you have to ensure  a 2-feet shade buffer around the table for optimal comfort.  It is better to choose an umbrella that matches the shape of your table for a well complimented look.

Printed 7 Ft Patio Umbrellas

A Sturdy Base in crucial

Free standing umbrellas need heavier bases than their table counterparts. So, choose an appropriate base according to the type of patio umbrella that you are opting. Fifty pounds is the absolute minimum base weight for a free standing umbrella while table umbrellas may only need lighter base.

Printed 8 Ft Patio Umbrellas

 Find a long lasting Shade

Patio umbrellas are designed for the outdoors and semi shaded areas. Choose UV resistant and water resistant fabric and durable umbrellas that can withstand the hostile elements. Choose from various fabric choices like vinyl, polyester or canvas to suit the needs and budget

Choose a sturdy Frame

Patio umbrellas should have a sturdy frame and fiber glass ribs and construction to make it stand against high winds. However, it is recommended to close your umbrella when the wind picks up, especially in the beach areas or open grounds to protect the frame from bending.

An aluminum frame is another best option for bad weather conditions. Corrosion resistant  and visually appealing, these umbrellas will retain its fresh looks for a long time to come. Aluminum Fiberglass Patio Umbrellas are  a great choice for restaurants and bars to create additional space in the patio for the summer revelers.

7 Ft Promotional Aluminum Fiberglass Patio Umbrellas

Steel frames are comparatively budget friendly yet sturdy and strong. 7Ft Custom Printed New Steel Market Patio Umbrellas  are perfect options in this category

Printed New Steel Market Patio Umbrellas

Choose an Umbrella Design that Suits Your Needs

Patios help you to take the outdoor fun to the next level. Whether you are planning to have lunch by the poolside with friends or play with the kids in the sandbox, there is  something special in custom patio umbrellas that will meet your needs and budget.

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