How to celebrate Dictionary Day in School!


If you are a lexicographer, you might have heard of this day, but otherwise, you may have no idea about such a day! October 16th marks Dictionary Day on Calendar. So if you are planning to share your wisdom of words with your school kids, this is the right time! We are bringing you a set of ideas to celebrate Dictionary Day in School! Let Wednesday Wisdom hits them in the form of Dictionary day!


Charades is so fun and common everywhere. Usually, we make it interesting with a bunch of movie names or personality names. But on Dictionary Day, you can choose a word from a dictionary and illustrate it! Pick a student and ask him to open a random page from the dictionary and choose a word. The kid can enact this word to the class until someone speaks it out!


This game may let you think of Sheldon Cooper and his Pictionary skills! Teachers can divide the class into two groups and give them a board each! One player from both teams should come out at the same time. The teacher can give them a word to illustrate. Both students can use their respective boards to draw their words. The first team to identify the word correctly wins!


Scrabble is a board game that might increase your student’s vocabulary. After all, a little board game can never harm, right! Scrabble is one of the classic word games and only two players are allowed in this game. This game requires knowledge in words and their spellings and hence it is an ideal game for those who have skills in the language. Get Scrabble boards and let your students play them one on one on this dictionary day!

Celebrate this Dictionary day in a unique way and let your students understand the value of learning new words every day. Make your Dictionary Day celebration more fun with promotional products. Get customized notepads, pens, and pencils for your students on this day with your school name printed on it. You may even gift them Dictionary Day quoted t-shirts or bags!