How To Build Up A buzz While Making Your Business Announcements

To make your message well heard in the din of the competitive market, you may need to think creative. Here are some tips to build up a buzz while promoting your brand or making business announcements. A press release is the standard method to generate a buzz about your product launch or the new store opening. However, on the flip side, this method may not be a 100% fool proof method to ensure that the message has reached your target audience.


Some of the more specific methods to get your message out to your target audience include the following

Get your message into their mail boxes

Mailer campaigns and newsletters are great options to reach out to the target audience. Be it seasonal offers, fashion trends or new product additions- Companies can use mailer campaigns for all these and more.

When the audiences are scattered, this method will help you reach them with a high level of accuracy unlike generic promotions like billboards or press releases.Custom Printed 35 Oz Stanley Classic Thermos Bottles

Social media platforms

In the era of digital marketing, social media platforms like facebook or Instagram will all have a larger than life role in getting your message out in an incredibly powerful way. You can make announcements , special deals and more on these platforms. But again there is a small element of risk because everyone in your customer list might not be following these trends online at all times.

Custom gifts

So, if you have been wondering about a possible way to connect with your audience in a sure fire way, then the answer obviously would be custom gifts. It is one of the time tested methods to reach out to your audience and to keep your brand right in front of the eyes of your customers. Choose functional gifts that people will use daily in their lives to ensure maximum brand exposure. Some of the gift items that are worth considering include custom pens, totes, thermos mugs, T shirts and more. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will go places to take your message out. Every time someone sees these limited edition items, they will surely be impressed about your brand and message.

Generate a conversation

If you are planning a tradeshow or a store promotion, make sure to engage your audience with your brand in a light hearted way. Quiz contests, painting competition or prize wheel will all be good options to generate a buzz and to make your customers hang around your booth for a longer time. Most people have a very short attention span and by retaining their attention for a little longer, you can easily keep your brand in their conscience.

Last but not least, monitor the responses real time and tweak it to ensure the best results to keep the tempo going and to even off any minor blemishes.

However, before finalizing any of these tools for making an announcement, make sure that your company is ready to do so in the first place. Weave in an element of surprise or mystery to the announcement to make sure that it will never fail to grab the attention of the customers. Throw in a dose of creativity and make your promotions as unique as possible without any gimmicks. Be it an interactive presentation at the tradeshow, a raffle gift or a treasure hunt with QR codes- options truly galore and all you need to do is to throw conventions into wind and think out of the box for best results.

No matter what you choose to do, make sure that you will be remembered for a very long time for these innovative techniques. The best way to judge whether your strategy has been a success will be to analyze whether your recipients were tempted to share it with others and to make it a talking topic. Browse our collection of custom gifts at ProImprint for the best trending gift ideas.

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