How Tape Measures Make Great Promotional Items For Every Business?

Custom tape measures are something that most people will retain for long as these are highly practical items that will not get misplaced or trashed. Promotional tape measures make value added and smart corporate gifts that will appeal to everyone. Hand it out during tradeshows, trade events and store openings to make your logo portable and well displayed. Light weight and compact, tape measures are easy to distribute.

personalized square tape measure key tags

Be it for home, work site or office, people will find these custom tape measures handy items in their day to day lives.Tape measures make useful items everywhere – Be it at the toolbox, garage, sewing kit, or kitchen drawer, your logo imprinted on these will remain right in front of the eyes of your recipients for a very long time.

Tape measures can be used to promote interior designers, tailors, wellness clinics, builders, architects and much more. Be it the body tape measures that people can use check their waist line and BMI to multi function keychains like  Mini tape measures keychains and rectangular tape measure with level, there are a lot of options to consider in custom tape measures.

 custom peewee mini tape measure with keychains

Available in a range of shapes, these retractable measuring tapes can be carried anywhere with ease. Be it during a DIY plumbing or gardening task, in the stitching class or planning an extension in the garage, people can find a million odd reasons to use these smart tools and your logo on these will never fail to get registered in their minds for sure.

Here are some of our popular and budget friendly measuring tapes that can be used for your upcoming marketing promotions.

Custom imprinted tape – a matic : These trendy and colorful measuring tapes will stir up interest with its impressive features and bright colors. It features a 60” cloth tape with metric/inch scale, push button retractable and auto tape that makes it extremely user-friendly. A perfect hand out for crafters, interior designers, fashion designers and much more, these tapes will put your logo on a proud display.

Personalized square tape measure key tags : Often people misplace essential items like tapes and fail to find when they need one. So why not hand out these elegant tape measures in a key tag and gain their appreciation. Ideal for your employees, production staff, maintenance staff, clients and business partners, this tape makes a useful handout for all occasions.

Custom rectangular tape measure with level : This is a compact sized and durable 5 inch metal tape with an inch scale. The lock button will enable your recipients to retract the tape with ease. Available in a palette of colors, this tape will make a practical gift idea that not many people can resist.

ProImprint has a range of tape measures in a range of colors, shapes and sizes that will match the theme of your promotional campaign. Avail discounts on bulk orders and make your brand promotion budget friendly and effective all at once!