How Promotional Products Can Promote Non-Profit Organizations

If you thought promotional gifts have no role in promoting nonprofit organizations, you could be in for a surprise. It is one of the most effective yet secret weapons in all types of marketing campaigns. Though it may sound ironic in an increasingly digital world, the impact of analog promotional items is a lot more long lasting. Users may avoid electronic advertisements but these branded items continue to be popular and irresistible. While TV viewers can switch channels in the event of an advertisement, the brand presence that popular gift items like T shirts and pens enjoy will only get popular by the day. An attractive logo gift will grab the attention of everyone and will set off word of mouth publicity unlike other advertisement mediums.

So, non profits that are looking for repeat impressions and publicity without repeat investments and effort can place their bets on promotional gifts. Here are some of the benefits of custom gifts that make it a trusted choice of nonprofit organizations.

In awareness campaigns, logo gifts play a major role. Impression studies of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that 85% of recipients remember the name of the marketer that handed out that item. Promotional gifts have a long term residual effect than TV or radio ads too as your recipients will be reminded of your logo and message every time they see these promotional gifts.

Budget factor
Fund raising events typically employ budget friendly items that can be sold for a higher cost to raise funds for the events. For smaller organizations, logo gifts will make excellent choices as the cost per impression of logo merchandise is less than all the other advertising mediums.

Now that you know how important promotional gifts can be for awareness campaigns, here are a few popular gift ideas that will help you plan a successful campaign.

Ceramic mugs: Budget friendly and popular, ceramic mugs are something nobody can resist. Imprint your logo, message or artwork on these and see how these popular items will popularize your cause and message.10 Oz Customized Aztec Spooner Mugs

T shirts: Ever trending and cost effective, custom T shirts will make excellent brand awareness campaign gifts. Imprint your logo and message on these custom T-shirts in your corporate color and see how your message gets a wide angle display for a very long time. Your recipients will surely love to wear these logo T shirts when they are on the beach, shopping stints or on a holiday and wherever they go, they will carry your message.Custom Imprinted Next Level The Boyfriend T-Shirts

Pens: Everyone uses pens in their daily lives, which in itself is a proof of its popularity as a fund raising item. Imprint your logo, message or mascot on these logo pens and see how easily these items will earn your social cause the much desired support and publicityPromotional Logo Kingston Pen with 5 Colors

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