How Promotional Bottle Openers  Make the Right Gift Choice?

Promotional products are available in countless models  in just about every price rate. Choosing the right products  for your business can be a bit daunting.  Firstly the gift that you choose should be gender neutral and useful all round the year. Secondly, these should be easy to distribute, should impress everyone and should fall within your budget. Last but not least the custom gifts that you pick up should be popular and trending always , lest you would end up with boxes full of gifts  that people may not not want!


If you are wondering about a custom gift that can meet all these criteria, promotional bottle openers are just one of the many choices you can make. Are these right for your business? Let’s take a closer look.

Sonoma Wine Openers - 6 Colors

Bottle openers are  great for pretty much all types of businesses that cater to an adult audience  So, unless you sell children’s products, these may be your best choice.

Budget friendly and easy on your wallets,  logo bottle openers will make a great gift choice for mass promotions like trade shows door to door promotions or mailer campaigns.  Remember, the more you give away, the more people will possibly see your brand and  learn more about your products.  Quantity is as important as quality in promotional items.

Good Value Aluminum Bottle Openers

Start up organizations or marketers with a modest budget will all find bottle openers a perfect gift choice. Pick up from a wide range of models to perfectly match your promotional theme and the tastes of your audience. The best part is though these are of low sticker price, these  have a perceived high value and make an elegant addition to the party tables, corporate dinner events and gala parties.

Bottle Openers with 3 In 1 Charging Cable

Small and compact, these make great handouts for the travelling audience. It is also a great item for holiday gift bags, or to hand out for a crowd, or distribute to  people you meet in everyday life.

Faux Cork Wine Opener Sets

 Bottle openers are retained for a very long time. To put it in another way,  people don’t discard openers  as long as these work properly. So, your logo and message imprinted on these will remain in plain sight of your audience, make consistent impressions and a big collective impact in your promotions. These can be used as individual gifts or can be  bundled with complementary gifts  wine totes, can coolers etc to  leave a lasting impression.

Explore our complete line of bottle openers to choose a model that matches your budget.