How Many Brand Impressions Do Promotional T Shirts Get – Infographics

T shirts are casual , fun and above all incredibly popular, which make these a delightful addition to the contemporary wardrobes.  Be it for the beach, game stands or camping days, a sprightly T shirt will enhance the mood and the joy of the occasion.  Offered in a wide range of models and colors, imprinted T shirts make the most popular promotional items for marketers.


Available in a wide range of materials choices and sizes, T shirts can be used to promote brands, drive awareness, raise funds or celebrate milestones and special events. The ultimate versatility enjoyed by custom T shirts makes it a great promotional item for all types of business promotions and events.

ASIC reports show that 80% people own promotional T shirts, which in itself is the proof of the popularity that these apparels enjoy.  There is nothing like having too many shirts for anyone. Every time you hand out an imprinted T shirt, it will get a red carpet welcome among your audience while the logo imprinted on these will get their undivided attention.

Promo T shirts enjoy an average retention of 14 months!

Having a great custom gift is only half the job done because to make your promotional dollars work the best, these logo items should have a high retention. 63% consumers retain their custom T shirts for over 1 year while 47% of recipients keep them for 2 years or more! T shirts enjoy a very high retention, which means that your message will remain in plain view of your audience for a long time and increase your brand popularity.

Imprinted T shirts generate 3400 impressions in their life time

Custom t shirts ensure assured ROI and ensure more value for your money by making incredible brand impressions at one time investment Consistent impression is what makes leads and referrals. So, can there be a better logo item than T shirts to get your message across?

Millennials  own as many as 5 custom T shirts

 Millennials run the business world literally these days as they are successful and self reliant with enough buying power. Millennials love custom T shirts as giveaways and can be influencers for your business.  Every time they wear these logo items in their friends circle or share the fun snap shots in Instagram, your brand exposure gets a surge.

The popularity of athleisure apparels has further increased the popularity of T shirts. These days, people prefer to wear it not just during leisure or golf holidays but even to work or on business meetings.  Businesses looking for a custom gift that will be well received across all age groups and fashion tribes, t shirts will be a great choice.