How Custom Writing Instruments Get Your Business Noticed?

With countless promotional ads and jingles flashing by the audience every second , it is hard for them to remember brands. You need something useful and  unique to place your brand in front of their eye span and  build an affinity towards your brand. This is what makes everyday items like promotional pens a superb choice.


Being memorable is something crucial for every brand to get the right kind of recognition and goodwill. In fact if you are not actively promoting your business, you may  fade away into the oblivion in no time. True to the axiom, out of sight is out of mind.

So, the secret of a successful business campaign is to get your message in plain sight of your audience and keep it fresh  for a fairly long time. Consistent exposure will make countless brand impressions and foster brand loyalty. Reports show that it takes at least  8 to 10 impressions for your audience to recognize your brand and may need still higher impressions for them to remember your brand instinctively.

Salerno Bettoni Ballpoint / Stylus Pens

Branded swag will go a long way in making an impact on consumers. Choose everyday items like pens that will earn a decent place on the work desks, bags or even pockets to flash your logo wherever they go. Promotional pens with your brand  on it will be a great investment during  your promotions. Hand it out at trade shows,during mailer campaigns or door to door promotions. You can even keep a bowl of custom pens at the counter for your customers to pick it as gifts as they leave after cashing out.

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens

Pens are relevant in the new normal world

Reports show that germs spread through hands and shared surfaces and work desk items like pens.  Handing out custom pens for your clients and employees will make a thoughtful way to discourage the habit of sharing  writing instruments and thereby running a risk of  contracting  infections.  The best part is that  novelty pens can even double up as no touch tools that can be used to press ATM keys or elevator buttons to keep the hands off filthy touch points and avoid the risk of contamination.

Tri Band Ball Point Pens

Options galore

Pens are available in an exciting array of choices. From the elegant metal pens to the budget friendly plastic pens and the quirky  novelty pens or the value added combo pens or stylus pens, you have a lot of options. You can customize it with your brand and message to make it unique.  No matter what you choose, your brand and message imprinted on these will always stay in the eye span of your prospects.

Are you planning to make custom pens as your marketing tools this season? Do browse our exhaustive collection of  pens and choose a model that fits your theme