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Holidays and the days that immediately follow the big fat vacation are not just oodles of fun and laughter but also hold the dubious distinction of being one of the most stressful times of the year for people juggling various tasks like getting back to work and normal schedules and shaking off the holiday hangover that could leave your customers feel overwhelmed.  This is what makes stress relievers a great gift choice to get across your message and engage the audience with your message.

stress relievers- promote brand with a wide smile

Reports show that 69% of Americans feel stressed from not having enough time to complete their tasks, including finding time for family visits, shop and cook. Tough the peak holiday season might have passed by, people continue to feel the residual effect of holiday stress right into the New Year and Valentine’s day celebrations. So, marketers planning to handout gifts for their customers can think of stress relievers to keep their recipients happy and relaxed.

Custom stress relievers make a great way for people to focus on what they do and clear their mind and prevent them from getting stressed out. Offered in various attractive models and color choices, stress relievers are compact and small, which makes it easy to distribute. These make great gift bag items on a budget as well.

Fidget Spinner Highlighters is another interesting variant that can be considered. Every time they use these highlights to mark up their notes or reminders or use these as fidgets, your brand will grow closer to the minds of your audience.

Promotional Fidget Spinner Highlighters

Happy Face Squishy Stress Relievers Made of polyurethane, these happy faced slow release stress feature an incredibly soft and slow rising construction that makes them unique. With their happy faces, they’re satisfying to squeeze and watch them return to shape after each squeeze. These will make silly gifts to make the stressed out recipients smiling and happy. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a portable handout for your business.

Custom Happy Face Slo-Release Serenity Squishy Stress Relievers

Spinning Fun Cubes: These make great conversation starters and a great way to get the eyes of your audience on your brand! These can be clicked and spun and are perfect for maximizing focus or entertaining yourself while waiting for your train. With retail packaging and a flat side to highlight your logo, they make great additions to holiday gift packages.

Custom Printed Spinning Fun Cubes

Printed Promo Poppers:  These little poppers might just look like colorful buttons, but they can ensure hours of entertainment and are perfect for families.  When turned inside out and released these can shoot up to 30 feet in the air as they come back to its original shape and displaying your logo on a wide angle. These will bring a smile on to the faces of even the most frazzled customers who may be trying to sort his countless plans!

Custom Printed Promo Poppers

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