How Custom Lip Balms Bring Brands To Life!

Hurrah! Summer is here! Everyone is raising a toast to the sunny days that seem to go on forever and evenings that last long. Be it road trips, beach fun or alfresco drinking, summer will leave you party ready and sprightly. It is the season where cocktails make much more sense and fashion colors and trends actually look better.

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Summer also happens to be a busy time for businesses to drive up their brand popularity and draw the attention of the outdoorsy and partying crowd. So, what is the best way to do it? Thinking about street corner magic shows, fun contests or discount deals? These may be great ideas to build up a buzz. But useful freebies like lip balms will go a long way to turn the buzz into red hot deals and seal it literally!

Wondering what makes custom lip balm a cut above the rest? Here are some great reasons that you might not have thought about.

The ice in your drinks isn’t just taking up space but will make your lips dry at times! Lip balms will keep the thin and sensitive skin of your lips soft and attractive. Ideal for all age groups, lip balm is one of the most popular products of cosmetic cure. Lips do not produce protective natural oils, which makes it necessary to apply moisturizing agents like lipbalm.

Lip balm protects the skin from chapping and excessive dryness and helps them heal naturally. Supplemented with SPF (sun protection factor) lip balm protects the skin from harmful sun rays during beach holidays, pool parties and more.

Here are some popular summer favorite flavors to consider

Metallic Lip Moisturizer Domes: Vanilla flavored, safety sealed custom lip balm is packed in attractive metallic domes colored Gold, Rose Gold or Silver are truly worth collecting. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of eyeballs in camping sites, beach parties and picnics.
Metallic Lip Moisturizer Domes

SPF 15 Unflavored Lip Balms Hit outdoors without the risk of getting your lips sun damaged with this unflavored lipbalm that is PABA free and offer UVA/UVB protection. Get your brand or message imprinted on full color vinyl insert. Great handouts for tradeshows and mailer campaigns.

Printed SPF 15 Unflavored Lip Balms

 Lip Balm And Sunscreen Tubes: Get two summer essentials at the cost of one. FDA approved, these wellness items ensure protection against a wide spectrum of UVA and UVB rays, which makes it a great item in your summer promotional mix.

Printed Lip Balm And Sunscreen Tubes

Offered in a wide range of popular flavors, lipbalm offers something special for everyone. It is a great way to familiarize the audience with your brand. Every time your recipients use sunscreen on the sunny outdoors, share it with their friends or family or discuss about these products, your message will stay on top of their mind.  Promotional lip balms are the best means to target new markets and reinforce your brand image while ensuring a fresh makeover for your prospects.