How Bulk Orders Get You The Biggest Benefits

Let’s be frank about it! Most marketers may be tempted to order exactly the quantity of custom gifts that they think will need. However, a point they miss out here is that by ordering in bulk they get the biggest discounts. So, if you have the dough to spare, it is a smart move to order in excess.

Bulk order

Bulk Orders Are The Biggest Money Savers

By placing bulk orders you make a clean saving for every item that you order. Here are some of the other benefits that you get while ordering in bulk

It Will Keep You Well Prepared

When you are planning mass events like trade shows, it becomes difficult to come up with the exact numbers. Random reports show that in larger trade shows attended by 2,000 or more attendees 25% of people will pick up a giveaway; while in smaller trade shows 75% of attendees take a promotional item.

Buying in bulk will make sure that you will always have sufficient trade show giveaways.  It will save you the embarrassment of ending up with empty racks when attendees are still dropping in. If you have high utility gifts, you may find that your foot traffic increases. Thus ordering in bulk keeps you safe by ensuring that you have a promo item for every potential prospect.

The best handouts need not necessarily be the most expensive. Choose webcam covers and screen cleaning clothes that everyone will find useful. These will keep your cost down while ensuring a steady flow of visitors  to your booth.

iCamCover Metal Webcam Covers

When you have to attend events on short notice, you may not get enough time to choose giveaways. During such occasions, bulk purchase will help you save the day. You will always have extra items on hand for a last-minute local event, or trade shows. Choose popular items like notepads or pens that never go out of trend and everyone will find useful.

  1. Team outfits

When you are buying corporate T shirts and outfits for your crew, buying in bulk will make a smart move. It will not just save money but make sure that you have enough apparels for seasonal staff and new hires at all times. It will save time/ effort of getting these customized and  make instant replacement for damaged shirts as well!

Buy multiple apparel items for both men and women in a few popular sizes that will help you meet all the forthcoming needs. The more you purchase, the more you save.

Sport-Tek® Men's Dry Zone Short Sleeve Raglan T-Shirts

3.Affordable gifts in just about every budget

Ordering in bulk will make even premium range of gifts affordable and well within the permissible limit for you. For instance, if you place  a bigger order for  17 Inch Promotional Wenger® Pro Computer Backpacks  you  make a clean saving per piece, which will add up to a handsome amount.

Wenger® Pro Computer Backpacks

Keep extra giveaways on hand and be ready with your brand swag , any time, every time! Happy shopping