How Adopting Simple Changes Help in Sustainable Living 

Do you think environment pollution is a complex issue for you to make an impact? Think again. You will be surprised to know that even the simple gesture of adopting a few life style changes will surely make a lot of difference in the quality of your life; while making this universe a better place.

Get started by replacing some disposable plastic products you buy and support those making products out of recycled products. It will surely let you play your little part of reducing single use plastic waste.  In addition, spread the word in your community to inspire others to follow the path to see the change in the world that you wish to see in the long run. Likewise , marketers can use ecofriendly promotional giveaways during their promotions. This will surely promote your brand while inspiring your audience to be eco-conscious. Win-win

Cotton totes

Some of the world’s top fashion houses and celebrities have endorsed cotton bags as their best choice for their toting needs. Made form organic cotton, these bags are reusable and fashion forward to impress even the Generation Next.

Reusable straws

Plastic straws cause serious environment pollution as  millions of straws are being discarded every single day. So, switching to reusable straws can go a long way in reducing the menace. Available in various models including stainless steel and silicon, these reusable straws also come packed in handy travel cases.

Wheat pens

 You can think of replacing the plastic pens on your desk with these ecofriendly wheat pens that are just as functional and fashionable as its counterparts. Available in various models and price rates, wheat pens will definitely make an incredible conversation topic among the users and even who happens to see it. Whether you are looking for personal favors or corporate gifts, wheat pens will make a great choice. So, businesses and individuals that wish to leave a lasting impression among the recipients can consider wheat pens as their choice.

Recycled Dental Floss

Flossing is indeed part of a healthy dental care routine for most people. Check out this ecofriendly variant of 18 yard long dental floss made of recycled material.  It will obviously make a perfect replacement for plastic floss. So, let your recipients make a positive impact on nature while they get a gleaming set of teeth. Win-win!

rPET Umbrella

Use this umbrella that’s stylish, hardy and eco friendly. Made of recycled post consumer materials, these umbrellas will surely enhance your sustainable life style. You can also choose from various colors and sizes to match  your needs and preferences.

Eco inspired notebook

Made of recycled Cardboard and Paper Barrel, these spiral bound notebooks feature a recycling symbol on the bottom corner of each page; choose from various accent colors. These notebooks will make great corporate gifts and personal favors alike.

Wheat lunch sets

Wheat lunch sets made of reclaimed wheat straws have a wheat straw Polypropylene design, which makes it an ecofriendly item for any kitchen. Available in a palette of color choices, these lunch sets will tug every heart for being planet friendly!

These are only some of the many inspiring ways of adopting sustainable living to make a change in this world. Discover more such possibilities to make your mark. Should you need inspiration and more green living tips, our team is only a call away! Have a better idea ? feel free to share it with us.