Holiday Themed Giveaways That Offer Something Special For Everyone

Holidays are  right here! As most people have to shelve their travel plans for 2020,  the only way to enhance the holiday experience has been gift purchase. Marketers too face a similar situation because with no  in –person events and promotions on cards, the only way to reach out to their audience will be custom gifts and mailer handouts.


 Though it is too early to predict the surprises 2021 may bring in custom product trends, there are some classic gifts that simply never go out of style. Here is quick grab of some of the best holiday themed handouts for your employees and clients that will  not just drive up the holiday cheer but make a great value added gift choice for your audience.

Athleisure Apparel

Apparels have always been the most popular gift choice for marketers.  Clothing also happens to be a highly mobile promotional item because your message goes wherever your employees go!  Choose apparels that your staff members will want to wear frequently. The more it is worn the more will be the visibility for your message.

Half Zip knit apparels that bring together style and comfort is a good choice. The festive color choices will perfectly complement with your branding theme. Ideal for sporting activities and leisure yet trendy enough to be worn on a daily basis, these apparels get used on a regular basis by your recipients. While it offers a trendy apparel choice for the prospects your brand will get a high visibility board on these popular apparels.

Mens Vorlage Half Zip Knit Jackets


 Though long haul air travel is on hold, most people are making the most of road trips, staycations and local holidays. So, custom bags will make an obvious gift choice for your holiday promotions. Choose from various models like totes, duffel bags, backpacks or travel bags to suit your budget and the tastes of your target audience.

Energy Duffel Bags


Did you know that 25 million bags are lost at airports every single year? A luggage tag is the simplest way for the owners to find their bags and reclaim it.Anyone will surely appreciate a luggage tag from your business! It makes life easier at the baggage claim, and travelers can worry less about their bags getting misplaced when they resume their trips.

Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and material choices that will leave your audience truly excited. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these luggage tags.

Imprinted Pedova™ Luggage Tags

Stress Balls

Though these may not fit the bills of conventional holiday gifts, stress  relievers  have a high utility and personality. Offered in a wide range of unique shapes like, footballs, heart, fruits, airplane and even squishy brain and a lot more,  stress relievers can be easily aligned with your business niche.

Studies have proven that tactile activities, like squeezing a stress ball, can enhance the focus by about 33%! The plus is that these logo gifts will fit even a modest budget!

 Football Shape Stress Relievers

You can easily find loads of trending gifts  including tech accessories, health and wellness items, food and candy and a lot more that will impress your audience without  breaking your budget. Browse our holiday gift section to choose the best. Our friendly team is only a call away should you need assistance or tips.