Holiday Promotion Checklist for Small Businesses

The big fat holiday season is right here. Though it is fun and exciting, holiday promotions can also be overwhelming for small businesses. So, how to cruise along the busiest shopping season of the year? A bit of planning will go a long way in getting your holiday promotions in place. Whether it is evaluating your inventory or running a promotion, we have got you covered.  This comprehensive checklist will help you to make the most of the shopping season while letting you enjoy the spirit of the season.

Family at home near christmas tree

Deck up your stores with holiday decorations.

Get ready for the holidays by decking up the stores with festive decorations! From string lights to festoons, scented candles  and garlands, you can bring in the holiday cheer indoors to attract foot traffic. Moreover, it is a proven way to show customers that you’re embracing the season.  You can even play Christmas music. If you are an online store, decorate your stores to highlight your online presence. Think of something like a winter themed banner on your Facebook page, or list your custom holiday giveaways for shoppers. It will make the holiday season of your recipients more interesting.

Gift packaging

The best way to spread the holiday cheer is to gift pack your merchandise. Whether you run a coffee shop or a boutique, a gift pack will tell your customers a lot about your brand. Creative packaging is one of the easiest ways to keep your brand top-of-mind long after the holiday sales. An elegant gift box adorned with ribbons will give a unique identity for your gifts and make it stand out from tons of generic gifts out there.

Stock Up on Holiday gifts

Make sure to stock up the favorite custom holiday gifts that will appease your customers. You can even analyze the data from last year to see the popular trends in holiday gifts . Make sure that your shelves are fully stocked before the holidays so you don’t miss out on any sales.

Plan special holiday events

Drive more footfalls to your stores by planning special events. Make sure to spread the word to ensure the maximum attendance . You can also send out a holiday marketing email to announce the event  or display posters of the same in your shop.

Here are some of the popular events that you can consider

A gift with purchase

Further, offer a gift with purchase for customers or host a holiday open house with light appetizers and complimentary cocktails. You can even offer complimentary services like free gift wrapping or local gift delivery. Running a raffle is another exciting way to keep the shoppers excited.

 Send a Holiday Card

If you thought holiday cards are dead as Dodo, you will be in for a surprise. These classic Christmas cards continue to be a seasonal tradition for marketers to stay in touch with the customers in a memorable way. A handwritten message inside will surely leave a personal touch. Make sure to include a discount coupon with the holiday cards to make it more valuable for the audience

Get Social

In addition, holiday season is indeed the best time to stay active on social channels.  You can also choose to share snapshots or news about new products and holiday sales and to keep the customers engaged with the latest happenings.

Now that you have an overview of some of the trending holiday sales promotions, it is time to get started on  sure footing. Browse our exclusive section of holiday gifts for inspiration.