Hit Top Gear in your Promotions with Custom Automotive Products

Automotive promotional products get easy attention during weekday commute to work or a great American road trip during the holidays. These high visibility items will steer motorists towards your brand and engage them with your message in a fun manner

Car accessories

Reports show that Americans travel more than 220 miles each week and drive an average of 11,498 miles each year. So that explains why companies seriously consider custom auto accessories for their marketing campaigns.  These logo items will put your message into a vast moving crowd and  the advertisers need not restrict their reach to a specific audience or community.

The ever increasing popularity of ride-sharing will further enhance the brand visibility of these branded items. You can choose from a wide range of accessories both inside and outside the vehicle to get easy attention of the people on the road. From organizers to wind shield and auto kits and more, there are countless items to display your message without distracting the driver or spoiling the interior décor of the car.

Car magnets are a creative way to market your company as these are easy to apply and take off when the event gets over. You can even put it on private vehicles  to turn it into business vehicles during events and trade shows. Available in a wide range of models and shapes, full color car magnets will indeed get everyone stop on their tracks! Car magnets can be imprinted with contact information including web URLs, email addresses etc to make it easy for the prospects to  reach you.

5 Inch Circle Outdoor Safe Magnets 35 Mil

Custom license plate frames

Custom  license plate frames have been used as advertisements by car dealers for a long time . However, these days, these are being used to show support to social causes or promote sports leagues and games days apart from raising funds for schools and booster clubs. Choose from a wide range of models and price rates to match your promotional needs.

License Plate Frames with Straight 4 Holes

Car flags

Add flair and character to the  vehicles while celebrating your sports team with custom car flags imprinted with team mascot or tagline. It is popular especially  during playoff season and after a national team winning the championship. Easy to attach to vehicle windows, these vividly colored flags are sure to attract attention on streets and in parking lots all over your city.

Printed 11

Air fresheners

Make sure  that the vehicle of your prospects smell  fresh and nice by handing out customized air fresheners. A welcome addition to any car kit, air fresheners will be a tempting reason for the passengers to  take a closer whiff and a second look at your company logo.

Car Vent Air Fresheners

Branded car chargers

Highly visible and well appreciated by passengers, car chargers make essential items that anyone may need on the go to stay connected with the world outside . These high utility gifts will make consistent impressions for a long time.

Dual USB Car Chargers

Custom printed phone holders

Phone holders will allow the drivers to stay focused  on driving and attend calls or refer maps even when both  their hands are on the steering wheel. Enhance driving safety and highlight your social commitment alike with these logo items that will display your brand all through. Get it imprinted with artwork and taglines to make it interesting.

 Car Vent Mobile Device Holders

Sun shades

Put your brand on a glaring display while covering up the car interiors from the sun with custom sun shades. The impressive imprint are is the calling card of these auto accessory  as the  impressive  full-color images and logo will easily catch the attention of both the passing cars and pedestrians.

We have a lot more in auto accessories;  get more promotional mileage with these practical handouts that will enhance the driving experience  while  you get a better brand display.