Help Your Employees Increase Their Skill sets During Covid Lockdown

Social distancing and work from home mandates have become the new norms in the business world. The teams strive to adapt to the changing work environments, job security concerns  and lack of social contact. However, the silver lining in this grim situation is the opportunity to enhance the skill sets for the employees.


Businesses can encourage the employees to learn and develop new skills that will make them more valuable for their organization and add a new dimension to their career goals. As everyone waits with bated breath to see a grand reopening of America here are some training tips and possibilities that can be explored for training your team during the quarantine.

Remote training makes the team more skillful

Training employees remotely will go a long way to enhance their job performance and problem-solving skills and empower them to handle new responsibilities or additional functional roles . It will  create a lot of value for businesses.

Reports show that companies that invest in employee training programs yield 218% higher income per employee and 24% greater profit margins.

Training programs will lead to a better employee retention as well. As hiring a new employee involves an exorbitant cost, retaining the existing employees will be the best option. Training sessions will help the team to build the skills they need to be valuable.

The quarantine period will make a perfect time to schedule training programs for the team to make them more competitive in their respective fields. Having a trained set of employees will empower businesses to thrive and succeed post-pandemic. Get your team inspired to join the courses by offering custom gifts as tokens of appreciation. It will go a long way in increasing their team pride as well!

You can choose from a wide range of training programs that suit your needs. Get started with some of these popular and easy training programs

1.Online workshops

Video conferencing tools make it easy to create online workshops that teach employees new skills.  It will allow the employees to have instant feedback and answers to their specific queries on comprehensive education.  Businesses can appoint trainers or managers to organize and lead online workshops. Make sure to choose a time that is convenient for most team members. Live sessions can also be recorded so those who miss it can follow it up later.

  1. Online courses

Develop online courses that employees can take at their own pace. Offer different modules and study materials according to the specific roles of the employees By designing their own custom employee courses, businesses can ensure better results. Employees can also be encouraged to take any existing online courses, the cost of which can be borne by the companies.

3.Employee mentorship

The quarantine time can also be utilized for online mentoring where the employees learn the ropes of problem solving in real-world situation. Mentoring will thus help the junior members and trainees of the team capable and confident of assuming new responsibilities post-pandemic. It will give hands-on training on solving a business issue in compliance with company policies, which in turn will enhance the critical thinking capacities of the employees.

There are a lot of training programs that can be considered to match the training plan of your organization to turn the lockdown period into something productive for your employees.