Handy Money Saving Tips while Shopping for Promotional Products

Post pandemic, most marketers have a slashed down budget and a lean promotional phase in general. So, including cost effective and high utility gifts in the marketing mix will be the right way to go about it.  Holiday is the season of giving where your recipients will be excited to get a customized gift from you. It will go a long way in enhancing your goodwill and your fan following.

Having a modest budget may not deter you to go all out in your promotions. These handy tips will help you find the best in custom gifts for less.


Bigger order quantity                           

Compare the price advantage that you get for a bigger order. So, if you think you may need custom gifts for your long term promotions, it is recommended to order more at once. It will help you get the best deals.

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Plus you are rest assured of a steady gift stock on hand even when there could be shipping delays due to the post pandemic effects.

Bulk order

Single color imprints

Customization is what turns any generic gift into something unique and specific to your brand. Print your design in one color so you don’t have to pay extra for more ink colors. A classic and interesting design will grab easy attention than a gaudy design in a burst of colors.

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Shop under $1

Get started by exploring the section of under $1 giveaways.  It will help you to get what you need even while sticking to your budget. Even if  you  get small gifts, your gesture will surely be taken note of by the audience. So, never shy away from the tradition of holiday season corporate gift giving because it will help you stand out in the crowd. Even if you are planning a mailer campaign, light weight handouts like keychains or pens will fit your bill perfectly.

Under $1

Watch out for hidden fees

Make sure that you have a transparent pricing for the products that you purchase. Hidden fees and other additions may come as a rude surprise and may upset the apple cart of your finances.

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Use a coupon code

Sign up for emails to get exclusive deals and discount coupon codes. Even a small discount is a win!


Cost effective giveaways are still trendy and exciting. It is not necessary that the best gifts are those with a hefty price tag. Choose high utility gifts for your clients and customers that will enhance your gift giving experience.