Halloween Safety Tips in the Post Pandemic New Normal World(Infographics)

All these years, Halloween safety tips have been about preventing fire accidents, avoiding strangers during trick or treat trips and other related safety tips. But in 2020, Halloween safety tips is all about staying safe from the germs and preventing the risks of exposure! Though it might sound absurd, it is the realty that people have to deal with during Halloween this year.

So here are a few safety tips that will make your Halloween party fun filled and safe.

Halloween safety tips 2020

Wear masks: Not the scary masks that you wear for the Halloween costume parties, but a multi layer reusable face mask that will serve as a barrier against droplets and other elements. So, make sure to slip on a face mask first before you wear those spooky masks that will scare the day lights out of your friends!

Use hand sanitizer: Remind both kids and adults to use hand sanitizers regularly during the Halloween party and trick or treat fun. Choose easy to carry models like carabiner sanitizers

Buy wrapped candies: Factory wrapped candies are a safer bet for trick or treat bags as it prevents the risk of exposure. Choose from a wide range of models at every price rates.

Small is good: It is recommended to move in small groups to avoid crowding during trick or treat events or costume parties!

Maintain social distancing: Make sure to stay 1 meter apart at all times to prevent the chances of contamination.  Leave your Halloween gifts and trick or treat goodie bags in the garden or porch of your neighbors and friends instead of handing them in person to avoid close contact.

Which are the safety tips that you are adopting in your Halloween events?