Halloween Glow Products- Wow Your Audience On a Budget

Nothing says Halloween like glow in the dark products. From glitter cups to glow in the dark toys, light up devil horns and more, sky in indeed the limit in Halloween glow products.


Be it as costume accessories, haunted house decor items or trick or treat bag gifts, glow-in-the-dark toys transform your Halloween party to a higher level. Turn low the lights and make sure everyone is wearing a glow necklace or a glow bracelet. Plus, with Halloween string lights you can literally scare the day light out of anyone.

LED Ghosts Halloween String Lights

 Take the Halloween partying a notch higher with these soft glow Halloween ghosts that will make anyone scream their lungs out! Complete the scary look during Halloween costume party with these slow color-changing Glowing Light Up Skull Rings  that can be activated by removing the pull tab and pressing the button underneath.

Glowing Light Up Skull Rings

Mix business with pleasure with these light up Halloween lanyards that make cool  giveaways for holiday fundraisers,  store promotions and Halloween events. The lanyards feature a smooth acrylic pumpkin and 30″ lanyard that will light up to deliver bright impressions.

Light Up Pumpkin on Happy Halloween Lanyards

Blinking Viking Helmets with Braided Hair are great for Viking themed events. The flip switch allows the user to activate the flashing horns and make heads turn and teeth chatter of people around! Loads of fun and fear, these logo items will get your message out like never before. Make use of the imprint space to highlight your brand and message.

Blinking Viking Helmets with Braided Hair

Windproof LED Pillar Candles with Moving Flame: The best way to set a spooky tone for your haunted house , these LED candles are safe for kids and will prevent fire hazards. Powered by 2 replaceable AA Batteries, these make great handouts for wedding, corporate dinners and Halloween parties. The animated moving flame along with LED light-up function make these custom giveaways look real.

Windproof LED Pillar Candles with Moving Flame

Need more glow products that will leave your unsuspecting guests terrified only to leave them laughing like crazy later?  Browse our exclusive section of Halloween products that will shed light on your brand and make the celebrations memorable for your prospects.