Halloween Fun Activities And Games For Your Office Employees

For your employees Halloween is a  good alibi to have fun, play pranks and let  their hair down. Holidays double up as a team building exercise that will enhance the employee productivity and focus and make their working hours more interesting.

Skull Rings & Headband

As they say, all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy! Make sure that you offer ample treats for your team to make them feel well appreciated and happy on job and ensure better retention of the work force.

Here are some Halloween fun activities for your team

  1. Halloween Costume Contest

Let your team dress up in spooky or quirky Halloween costumes and get on with their work for the day. While your team rocks the day, your customers who drop in will find it quite interesting as well. Plus it will ensure a few belly laughs and spark off conversations.

Reports say that a happy state of mind increases employee productivity by over 12%. So why not go that extra step in keeping the team happy. You can also set up a makeshift photo booth for the team for some great Halloween snaps and souvenirs. Employees in the best costumes can be given prizes as well to stretch the fun tide farther.

  1. Decorate the office

Turn your office space into a graveyard or a haunted house for the day. Put witches, spiders  (unless the sight of these crawlies creep out the team!), pumpkins, glow up items and LED candles to enhance the spooky milieu. If you are planning a full throttle Halloween décor, think of chains, blood splattered décor and severed limbs and skulls!

Windproof LED Pillar Candles with Moving Flame

Now for some interesting stats: Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies. So, save on the hiring and training dollars by keeping the present team smiling with these simple fun ideas and create an interesting work environment.

  1. Halloween-themed games

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins! You can organize some fun games like pumpkin carving or the easier version – pumpkin painting in office. These are budget friendly games and the best part these won’t take up much of your productive hours as well. Another popular game to consider includes a silly guessing game where your employees need to guess the number of candies in the jar. The winners will walk away with the candies, obviously!

None of these activities will cause too much mess or noise in office as well. It is worth because companies that have fun rake in 2.5x higher revenues than their stiff upper lipped counterparts!

4 Halloween Treats

No Halloween  party can be complete without a customary trick or treating and Halloween gifts. Stock up some spider cupcakes, cookies or candies and handout these in a pumpkin- shaped  trick or treat bag. Your employees will feel like kids in a candy store. Even when the candies are gone, your company name will remain in full glow on these goodie bags spreading the word about your business even during off-hours.

If you have some interesting office party ideas for Halloween, feel free to share with us on our facebook page to get featured. We look forward to see your snapshots on Halloween parties and pranks as well!