Guerrilla Marketing – The Middle Name Of Low Cost Promotions

When you have a bone bare promotional budget in hand, you may have to think beyond the conventional modes of business promotions to get your message across. That is where marketing tactics like guerrilla marketing takes the center stage. Guerrilla Marketing involves a high burst of liveliness and creativity that will grab easy attention of the customers and leave a personal effect on them. Remember the hype that ice bucket challenge had set off?72366033 - guerrilla marketing stencil print on the grunge white brick wall

Though the phrase of guerrilla marketing came into existence in 1983 it evolved as an interesting budget promotional tools only recently. It is highly effective for marketers to grab the attention and generate interest among the audience and to put their brand ahead.

If budget is your watchword, guerrilla marketing will make a perfect strategy to engage your audience and raise awareness of your brand. You can think of innovative methods to spread the cause and your message with active public involvement. For instance, on the occasion of Mother’s Day or Women’s Day, you can make your brand part of the campaign of raising awareness about the contributions that women make in her family and in society with post it notes. Get your recipients write positive messages about women folk on sticky notes and leave it on cars, community billboards and more. This will make all the women audience feel special while your brand will get a lot of applause for being part of this innovative drive.

You can use many other affordable promotional products in guerilla marketing to create trends and to highlight your vision of the future. Bracelets that have evolved to be awareness hand outs or ribbon shaped items that have become popular as AIDS or cancer awareness items can all be considered as subtle shades of guerilla marketing.

Lost for ideas? Here are some tips that can be used in your marketing initiative to set off a trend.
Ceramic mug painting: For most people, ceramic mugs make a delightful option to savor their favorite beverage. Encourage your recipients to paint a tagline in support of girl child or against pet abuse and award the best entries with prizes. It will make a delightful way to get your audience engaged with your cause all the while making them socially responsible.

Blind fold driving: Organize a blind fold driving rally to show your support to the visually challenged and raise fund for the visually challenged all the while highlighting the social commitment of your brand. You can also hand out custom T shirts with meaningful quotes like “hatred is blind” that will get the message across in a subtle way.

Think about unique activities and gifts that will generate quick interest and will give your message the much needed exposure and portability. Have you used guerilla marketing in your brand promotions? If yes, share your ideas and tips in the comments section below.

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