Green Merchandising With Reusable Custom  Straws

Plastic straws are out and a ban is already in effect around the US.  As plastic straws make a vanishing act from restaurant tables, airports cafes, school canteens and office pantries eco friendly models like wheat straws, paper and metal straws have taken over the center stage.

Reusable straw

Custom reusable straws can help you reduce the landfill menace and make this planet life sustaining for future generations. Eco friendly promotions will go a long way in enhancing your brand popularity and goodwill as well.

Reports show that customers are more likely to form a positive opinion about businesses that adopt environment friendly marketing policies than companies that don’t follow a go- green theme. By using reusable straws, your brand name will be on everyone’s lips literally!

Here are some fabulous reusable straw options that can be considered

 5 Pack Paper Straw In Pouch: Stock up on your store merchandise or hand these out during  your eco-friendly campaign. Made of food grade Kraft paper packed in a non-woven travel pouch, these vibrantly colored straws are great for corporate picnics, tailgate parties and outdoor events. Customize the pouch in full-color; these  biodegradable paper straws with a swirl design will grab easy attention and make a great talking topic during refreshment hours. Choose from your favorite color choices.

5 Pack Paper Straw In Pouch

Silicone Straw In Travel Case: Made of food grade silicone and offered in various attractive color choices, these 10″ Straws are packed in a handy travel case with split ring attachment. Get your brand and message imprinted on the travel case to make heads turn.  The best part- Your message will get a wider secondary audience as your recipients hand out these straws to their friends and family during picnics and parties! Great for food trade shows, conventions, outdoor events, and swag bags.

Silicone Straw In Travel Case

Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case: Made of reclaimed wheat stalk, these reusable and recyclable straws  make perfect handouts to highlight your eco-friendly credentials  during awareness events, trade shows and  more. Choose from a range of colors to match the tumbler to add a fun twist to the refreshment hours.

Buildable Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case

Reusable Stainless Straw 10 in 1 set: It is a perfect replacement for plastic straws and help us save the oceans from plastic waste. It is too early to forget the distressing image of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its bleeding nostrils. Let us join our hands together to save the planet from plastic menace by making these reusable straws part of our life styles.

Reusable Stainless Straw 10 in 1 set

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