Gift ideas for Outdoor Christmas parties

Christmas parties need not be always indoors by the crackling log fires at the fireplace. There are great outdoor party ideas to celebrate Christmas with friends or family and some great promotional gift ideas too to add up to the fun. Check it outPromotional Logo Snowman Snow Globes

Winter Wonderland
Create a North Pole wonderland at your front lawn with Christmas décor, snow spray and more. Bring in the snowman, Santa, reindeer and elves to give the real wonderland a run for money! Invite your friends and family for a North Pole Party and hand out some really useful gifts that they will cherish for a long time. Let’s be frank about it! The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind in polar climate will be blankets. Everyone will love these 47 x 59 inch promotional holiday blankets while they go home and they will build strong brand impressions about your company. These custom blankets feature a fun and traditional reindeer and snowflake design that purely symbolize Christmas, white winters and holiday feel.47 x 59 Inch Promotional Holiday Blankets

Holiday vacuum bottles that will let your recipients savor their favorite cocoa or chocolate, steaming hot will make a perfect gift idea. Featuring double wall construction with decorative holiday pattern and a leak-proof locking cap, these promotional vacuum bottles are sure to amaze your recipients.

Wine bottle sets: Say three cheers to the holiday season and keep your recipients warm and happy in the numbing cold by handing out these trendy wine sets. Each wine bottle set features a waiter corkscrew, drip ring, pourer/stopper combination and spray rubber wine bottle case.

Set out on a Snowball Fight!
Can there be anyone who doesn’t like the old fashioned snowball fight? Get the community together, build up forts and snowballs and see who get hit and who doesn’t? After a well fought contest, make sure to treat the team members with some goodie bag gift items like Santa caps, or chocolate gift boxes that will live on as keepsakes of this exciting day!

Christmas Pool Party
If you thought planning a pool party in winter is an insane idea, you could be in for a surprise. It is one of the most popular fun activities in winter. So, if you have not tried it out so far, make sure you do not miss the fun this Christmas. Get some Santa props, snowman globes in your backyard, rank the holiday music and round up your friends for a great time.

Christmas Movie Film time
Why not screen some Christmas movie in your backyard to ensure a memorable evening for your guests? If you don’t have a giant movie screen at hand. Just get a white bedspread or find a white wall of your house, connect the projector to your TV and choose your favorite Christmas movie. Make sure you serve some hot chocolate and enjoy the movie together.

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