Get Unique Branding Products of Custom No-touch Tools

Show that you care for their personal hygiene by handing out these perfect gifts of custom no touch tools.

Looking for a branded gift that will help your customers in the new normal world while making them feel well appreciated? Lightweight and easy to mail, these custom giveaways will ensure that your logo and contact details are always front of the mind of your prospects.

Offered in various models, materials and price rates, no touch tools feature stylus tip, finger hole, keyring loop and the handy door hook, which will prevent the user from  coming in contact with public touch points when they are outside. Made of  brass  or plastic which are inherently antimicrobial, these tools will help prevent the spread of germs.

Here are some solid reasons that make these everyday items a great promotional gift choice.

 A handy tool for any situation

Easy to slip into a purse or pocket, these sleek tools can be used to open door handles, gates, press ATM machine pads, elevator buttons and so much more. Its innovative design and shape comes handy in most situations. It helps you avoid physical skin contact with objects and are simple and easy to use for everyone. It also includes a keyring to easily hang off your keys, which will further increase its utility. Needless to say, your logo and message imprinted on these will remain in full view of everyone around.

Full color branding area for your message

Make use of the  generous imprint space on these giveaways to give your logo and message maximum brand exposure. Your creativity can be the only limit as to what design! Just come up with a nice artwork, upload it and see how it stands out nicely.

High retention

Custom no touch tools are designed to last long and perform tirelessly. Make impressions on the go with these everyday items that your clients will find useful all the time. These interesting handouts often make an interesting talking topic as well. Long lasting gifts  like these key rings do not end up in landfills quickly and hence will make a great addition to your ecofriendly promotions.

Highly practical

Probably there are not many giveaways that are as useful as no touch tools in the present scenario. High utility gifts get used more often and hence are more effective in enhancing your brand visibility than novelty gifts. The best part is that these are budget friendly and ideal for mass events like mailer campaigns and trade shows.

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