Get To Know The Most Trending Hats And Caps In Easy Steps

Hats are accessories that can help you dress up  just the right way to suit the event. Did you know that there are more than 100 types of hats in this world? With countless models and material choices on offer, it could be overwhelming to spot the right hat for your needs.

Here are some of the popular models   in custom hats and caps to consider for summer events and promotions.


Baseball Caps

The most popular among caps, baseball caps are popular across a wide audience group right from athletes to musicians. On a rough count, more than 40 million  baseball caps sell every single year!

Tracing its origin to 1860s, these caps were  made popular by the Brooklyn Excelsiors, the erstwhile team of the  Dodgers. No matter whether you are a fan of baseball or not, these trendy hats will make a great addition to your outdoor accessories. Casual and versatile, these caps can be seamlessly used with both casual and formal outfits. Marketers can get these popular  caps printed with their logo or artwork to make it one of its type and engage the audience in style.

Composite Ballcaps

Snapback hats

Structured hats that came into being  in the hip hop era of the early 90s continue to be the hot choice of millennials and fashion lovers.

Custom Printed Flat Bill Snapback Caps

Trucker Hats

Originally designed as baseball caps with mesh backs, trucker hats had its fair share of limelight when it was endorsed by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears not a long time back.

Flat Bill Trucker Caps


Ideal for  use during outdoor sports, visors are popular among not just players  but sports fans as well.  Simple and casual in design, visors keep the sunlight away from the eyes while leaving the head open.

Hit-Dry Mesh Back Visors


Offered in a wide range of interesting models like cuffed, slouchy, or with a pom pom on the top, beanies are a must for chilly weather. These will also come handy to add a pop of fun colors to your outdoor dressing style  even in fair weather season.

Knit Pom Striped Beanie with Cuff

Sandwich caps

The contrasting sandwich layer that stands out of the bill gives the cap a great personality. The  structured design and pre-curved visor, enhances its relaxed profile and this six-panel design suits your weekend wardrobe perfectly.
Price Buster Sandwich Caps

Fedora hats

Gender neutral and incredibly popular, these iconic  soft-brimmed hat enjoys a wide fan base that extends all over the world.

Snazzy Fedora Hats

Cowboy Hats

These high-crowned, wide-brimmed hats inspired by the  fur hats worn by Old West cattlemen, will make a  stylish, defining piece of cowboy attire.

Sun Hats

This floppy hat is best for those fun in the sun spells to protect your face and eyes from the stinging sun. It became part of mainstream fashion  in  1950s and still continues to be a hot trend.

Fold And Go Outdoor Hats

Santa Hats

Santa Claus is best known for his droopy, bright fleece hat among a million other delightful reasons including the bag of gifts.  Though  Santa hats are now mostly confined to TV ads and Christmas events, these hats offer tons of happy memories for most people who might have grown up with these.

Snowflakes Light Up Santa Hats

Need more? Browse our complete line of custom hats and caps to choose the most trending models in ton! Hurry! Outdoor season is right here.