Get Ready With The Best Tradeshow Handouts For Your 2020 Events

Tradeshows are big ticket events that will get your brand a 360 degree display. Participating in tradeshows involves substantial expenses. To get the maximum return and make their booth the busiest in the block, businesses should have the best tradeshow swag on hand. Here are some trending gift ideas for your upcoming tradeshows.


Phone Stands

Technology accessories will make great handouts to consider. These versatile phone stands will ensure hands-free convenience for the users while literally turning any phone into a walking advertisement for your brand.  These high utility gifts will make a great way to strike up a conversation while you demo for your crowd. Looking for something understated? Phone ring stand is a great choice.

Folding Phone Stand and Wallet Card Holders

Phone wallets

Offered in a wide range of colors and material choices, phone wallets will take your brand to the next level. While your recipients can chuck out their bulky wallets and carry their cards and keys in these sleek wallets that stick to their phone, your brand gets a brand display 24 x 7. Cute and functional, your recipients will be showing off these colorful wallets all the time. The unbeatable popularity of these custom gifts suggests that phone wallets are likely to remain here for a long time.

Silicone Phone Wallet

Power banks

Power banks are highly useful handouts because your prospects can now recharge their essential electronics while on the move. It will make sure that your recipients have all their devices in the working mode while your brand name becomes part of their daily lives. There can’t be a better custom gift to consider than power banks in this digital age
Logo Edge Power Banks - 2000 mAh

Metal water bottles

Well retained and highly useful, metal water bottles are available in a wide range of colors so it is easy to match your brand’s colors . These eco-friendly items help reduce plastic waste and enjoy a great shelf life.
Printed 25 Oz Gradient Aluminum Bike Bottles

Tote bags

Considered as tradeshow staples, tote bags make popular giveaways. The limitless options on offer will earn tote bags a few extra brownie points. The attendees will have a great bag to carry around the brochures and leaflets while they are in the tradeshow. Your message imprinted on these will get the attention of people around   the moment you hand out these items to your attendees! Beyond the trade show floor, clients will use these for shopping days and while running daily errands. Make use of the generous imprint area to hoist your brand in style. These reusable bags are a smart choice to underscore your ecofriendly traits and social commitment as well.
Casablanca Cotton Boat Tote Bags

Which of these custom items are you planning to make your tradeshow swag? Share your thoughts with us to join an interesting discussion.