Get Ready For The Beach Season And Patio Parties With Custom Umbrellas

Beach  fun and patio parties are everywhere!  Summer is indeed a favorite time of the year not just for the outdoorsy sun loving audience but for marketers as well. The season attracts a large outdoorsy crowd; while the marketers can  get them engaged with their brand and showcase what is hot on their product list.

Patio Umbrella

Advertising on patio umbrellas and beach umbrellas has always been a popular way to get the message across for businesses like hospitality, restaurants, golf clubs, food and beverage and a lot more.  Patio umbrellas are also staples in cafe promotions, summer trade shows, fairs and store promotions.

Offered in a wide range of colors and sizes, umbrellas grab easy attention even in crowded events like trade shows. A cleverly customized umbrella in front of your stores will make people pause and take a second look. Let your creative juices flow to get the umbrellas customized with your message, artwork or tagline and pique interest even among the  super busy outdoor audience groups.

Printed New Steel Market Patio Umbrellas

Customers have a short attention span as they see thousands of ads everyday during their daily errands. Most of these just skim past their mind, not even leaving an impression. At the end of the day, out of the thousands of ads they see both in real and virtual world, only the best and the most unique ones stick to their minds.

Promotional umbrellas are massive and scream your message loud even from a distance. These have a party flair as well and can set the right mood for a patio party or a beach day. It is impossible to resist these massive canopies. Fade resistant, durable and easy to use, beach umbrellas  will ensure 360° viewing,  taking your brand popularity to a new level.

Nothing says summer and beach events like beach umbrellas. Big and bold, these umbrellas will highlight your message as never before.  If by any chance you have not used beach umbrellas as your swag, you are definitely missing out a lot.

6 Ft Promotional Nylon Beach Umbrellas will make a great choice. Offered in a range of spectacular color combinations of Royal/White, Black/White, Black and Red/White color, these umbrellas have an 8 panel construction and 2 piece powder coated steel frame.  Your message imprinted on the 12″w x 9″h imprint space will make sure that everyone on the beach will get a good view of your logo imprinted on these umbrellas. These make great handouts for resorts, travel agencies and other businesses that wish to reach out to a large audience.

6 Ft Promotional Nylon Beach Umbrellas

7 Ft Patio Umbrellas  make fabulous choices for backyard parties and events. The sturdy Polyester canopy will make a great backdrop for your artwork, logo or message imprinted in full color dye sublimation. It is impossible to overlook these massive umbrellas. Waterproof, stain resistant and UV resistant, these custom umbrellas are great for cafes, outdoor events, concerts and fairs.

7 Ft Patio UmbrellasLooking for more models? Explore our complete line of custom umbrellas and choose a model that matches your needs and audience types. You can’t go wrong with something popular like custom patio umbrellas. Should you need any tips or ideas, feel free to reach out to our product experts.