Get Never Ending Brand Visibility with Perpetual Calendars

New year  promotions are still on. So why not get a wooden cube calendar for  your clients and employees.

Custom calendars will  help people keep track of their schedules, date and days while being a prominent brand reminder for your business . It is a classic corporate gift to show appreciation to your clients and employees!

Perpetual calendar can be used year after year unlike ordinary calendars that are valid only for one year. In addition this cube calendar will double up as a decorative piece on the tables of your recipients. It complements any décor them and will add a modern touch to any room.  Light weight and compact, these logo items are also easy to carry around.

On a closer look, the cube is similar to a dice, which will enhance its intriguing appeal.

Why Do We Choose This Wooden Cube Calendar


A  calendar is an essential thing that everybody owns. With a calendar, people can schedule, plan their days properly and even prioritize their daily work. Thus your clients and employees who receive such a gift will surely find it useful.


The visual aesthetics and classic design will give this calendar an air of elegance. Moreover, being made from wood, it is ecofriendly and long lasting as well.

Enhance Brand Exposure

Easy to customize, these wooden calendars will easily reinforce brand recognition among your audience . It will help businesses to up their brand awareness without being intrusive! You get 365 days or brand promotions at one time investment, which in turn will further enhance the value of these calendars.

High retention

Unlike standard calendars that have a shelf life of just one year, perpetual calendars can be used  year after year. Thus your brand will make persistent impressions for a long time at one time investment.


Perpetual calendars are fun as everyone will simply love to change the day and date everyday at the start of the day. Thus your audience will develop an emotional connection with your brand. Your logo and message on these calendars will indeed become part of their daily lives.

Easy to customize

Calendars enjoy a great facetime of the audience. So, try to make these giveaways as special as you wish by including artwork, taglines or images that will make your brand stand out. Overall, the visual representation of a custom product will set the first impression. Thus these eye catching handouts will boost your brand identity and leave a lasting statement.

If interested in this product, all you need to do is drop us an inquiry today.