Fun Promotional Games For Employees- It Is All Part Of The Game!

Employee break rooms are not just for refreshment breaks. It doubles up as a perfect place for team building and socializing that holds the company together. Fun promotional items like games can have benefits you may not have even considered.


Studies have shown that taking short breaks from work will go a long way in enhancing productivity, creativity and learning for the crew. Make sure to add some fun games in your break room and enjoy the benefits that it ensures. It will also make a brilliant choice during special occasions like corporate picnics, anniversary celebrations and more.

Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners: Fidgeting can be done anytime, anywhere and will make a perfect ingredient for your break room fun. Safe for indoor use, this fun game will let good times roll in. It will ensure a well deserved break and a workout for the tired fingers after a fairly long spell at their work desks.
Printed Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners

Jump Ropes: Loads of fun and a quick burst of energy, these nostalgic and calorie burning fun items are a crowd favorite in break rooms. Your team will have a quick work out, some exciting snaps for their Instagram and an enjoyable banter topic for their after work hours!
Imprinted Jump Ropes

Mini Trap 3D Puzzle: Challenge the brain of your crew and engage them with your brand in a light hearted manner with these puzzle toys. Encourage them to think out of the box and come up with solutions. It will boost the brain power and make a fun way to enhance their productivity.
Mini Trap 3D Puzzle

Icon Mental Block: These wooden cubes will allow the team to create shapes of their choice and explore the possibilities that these low key game items will ensure.
Printed Icon Mental Block

Adult Coloring Book: Proven to have stress busting capabilities, coloring books will make a great fun item for your employees
Adult Coloring Books

Rubik’s 9-Panel Full Stock Cube A clever handout to enhance focus and concentration, this fun cube is perhaps one of the smartest gifts that you might have ever considered for your team till date!  Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic, these toys will add a pop of fun colors to the break room as well.
Rubik's 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Smile Face Bubble Necklaces: Nobody can get enough of the hilarious game of bubbles. Your team will  go back to their nostalgic childhood and throw inhibitions into thin air as they make and break bubbles like crazy!
Smile Face Bubble Necklaces

Brain Teaser Puzzles: Tease your brain with these fun items that will increase dexterity, hand eye coordination and focus. Your team members will vie to beat the clock as they remove and reassemble the pieces as fast as they can.
Brain Teaser Puzzles

We have a lot more interesting options for you. Browse along and choose an item that matches your theme.