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Americans are obsessed with coupons. Who is not afterall? A staggering 80% of people use it to shop, dine and buy gifts. Popular across all demographics, coupons drive sales and create buzz for businesses. However, we at ProImprint have something that is even better than coupons! We have DISCOUNTS for products across the site.

Forget about

While coupon codes carry a limited time validity, these discount offers are here to stay for a long time. No hassles of remembering the coupon code or its expiry date to get the deals. Just drop in and explore our well sorted collection of custom products to get the best deals.

In the online world of bargain hunters people can compare prices and switch over to multiple shops with just a few mouse clicks. If you get the same product at a better price that’s all it takes to secure the deal. Price becomes a major factor in influencing shopping patterns of people.

Our discount offers are tailored to draw new customers in, give them a great shopping experience and encourage them to come back. These deals are available for different products that will appeal to every genre of audience irrespective of their age, gender or life styles.

From free shipping products to free artwork set up and special price offers – we have several options in our basket. Amazing discount deals on bulk orders is another trump card for marketers to try out. If you are planning any mass events like tradeshows and conventions in the near future, make sure to stock up some of the popular handouts at the best rates in town to get the best value for your promotional dollars.

Tech accessories are a rage

Choose  light weight and compact items like webcam covers or ear buds that won’t cost you much on storage or logistics. The big bonus is that these can be used in mailer campaigns as well thanks to its light weight advantage.

Imprinted Slider Webcam Covers

Summer staples

Summer is a great time for game days, tailgate parties and events. T shirts will make a great gift choice to consider to reach out to your supporters , fans or sponsors. Get your brand and message imprinted on these to make great team spirit items , fund raisers or even freebies to your fans- Possibilities are indeed endless.

Port and Company Cotton T-Shirts

Be happy to stay hydrated

Drinkware item is another big buy this season. Choose from water bottles, color changing tumblers or can coolers and more- Give gifts that matter and enhance your brand visibility.

16 Oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles

Need more tips?  Feel free to reach out to us and our friendly team is always happy to assist you.