Football Themed Marketing Ideas to Draw In Big Crowds

The long wait is over! Football season is back with a bang after the pandemic played spoil sport last year. On an average, an American will spend $80 or more on this year’s big game as the economy accelerates its pace of recovery. Here are some football themed promotional gifts and  ideas to get your share of the customer pie during the football season.

Attract the Home crowd!

Nearly 50% of Americans plan to watch the game at home or a friend’s house. So, the key of your marketing campaign would be to highlight what you have that their living rooms don’t have! Set up an event complete with the crowd and the excitement that homes cannot recreate! stock up football themed freebies that will tempt the fans to make a beeline and to enhance their game day souvenir collection.

Customized Football Key Chains

Name the event

Come up with a crowd pulling name that sums up the excitement of the big day. Let your creative juices flow as you coin a compelling name that will tempt the football fans to ditch their cozy sofas to  be present at your event.

Spread the word

Send out personalized invitation through email and make the best use of the social media to build up a buzz and spread the word to the maximum crowd.

 Boost the Facebook Event

The Facebook events are hard to miss thanks to the alerts and reminders that will get more people see it. You can even offer incentives to the early RSVPs to motivate people.

Special offer and Creative Deals

During your football promotions, create a special big game offer, football themed giveaways, referral gifts and so much more that align with the excitement of the big game. For instance, if you are restaurant owner, come up with an exciting offer on the day when your home team is on the turf that  your patrons might not have ever come across . Eat as much as you can option at one set price will indeed be a gourmet’s delight!

 Regional Brews

Make sure to include popular local brews during football promotions. Celebrate the awesome list of craft brews and rare concoctions that the home town of the teams are popular for. Can there be a better way to celebrate the game than raising a toast!

Football Helmet Bottle Openers

Games to Keep the audience engaged

Offer fun games like bingo and trivia games to keep the patrons engaged during football game breaks. Offer prizes like free appetizers for the winners to keep the fun tide on and get more people to play the game. Offer the guests gaming tablets  or set up a digital arcade loaded with single player games to keep the patrons engaged. It will make sure that they stay back till the last whistle is blown and the big games end for the day.

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