Family Reunion Custom Gifts and Games- A Quick guide

Family reunions are loads of fun and laughter as it offers a golden opportunity for everyone to catch up with relatives whom they may not have seen for a while and to know about their family tree, genealogy, heritage and origin. On the flip side, planning family reunions may need a lot of ground work and preparation to make sure that everyone is invited and keep them well engaged with some great games and gifts ideas that will end up as souvenirs of the great day!

Family Reunion Custom Gifts and Games- A Quick guide

Here are some smart tips that will help you make your reunion fun and exciting and get your cousins coming back every year!

Games are perfect icebreakers

Games are fun and will help break the ice and to make people comfortable and let to know one another better. Games will spice up the party mood and add the much needed fun twist to the party. Make sure to take some great snap shots that can be handed out to the guests in picture frames to make great gift ideas. You can even think of handing out some great imprinted family reunion gifts for the winners to pep them up.

Bingo card game

This game is all about making Bingo cards with facts about the various family members attending the party. The basic idea is to match a person to an appropriate card by the participants. People who get their bingo cards filled in first will get the prize. Choose budget friendly custom gifts like chocolates, hats or sunglasses if you have a budget to watch out.

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Stroll down memory lane

Family members can bring old family snaps with the name, date and location of the snap on a sticky note. It will ensure a memorable experience for the attendees and will give more insight to the family and the life style of its members. It is especially useful for the new generation kids who will get a glimpse of the life style of the days of the yore. You can also run a contest where the family members can try to identify the people and the location of each photograph. Even if the guests make some wild guesses, it will be fun. Custom T shirts imprinted with your family name, reunion date and tagline will make a great gift choice to consider.

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Team quiz

Split up people into teams randomly and ask questions about the interesting facts of the family. It will be an interactive and informative game that will be enjoyed by everyone present. The winning teams get the bragging rights for the whole year along with some great gifts like custom umbrellas totes or drinkware items imprinted with their achievements.

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Outdoor Games

Treasure hunt, hula hoops or sack races will make interesting games for all age groups. If you have a dominant millennial group in your family opt for something more exciting like tug of war or lawn bowling , which will ensure adrenalin rush and some great game moments. Looking for something hilarious and outright silly? Try water balloon toss where the players toss their balloon back and forth catching it every time without breaking the balloon.

Hope these game and gift ideas will help the family members to know each other and make things a lot more fun. We bet, everyone will already be looking forward to the reunion next year. Be the first one to share the post and spread the word for all the family reunion party revelers out there.

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