Fall Season Fashion Trends To Look Out For In Custom Products

There may be a lot of uncertainty around; however, it hasn’t slammed the brakes on seasonal trends from sweeping the market. From PPE items to fashion accessories and fun and sports items and more, there a lot of custom gift ideas for marketers. Create, innovate and impress the audience and make your brand spot- on with these interesting gifts that are available in just about every price rate.

Fall season


The sun may not be out in its full fury, but it doesn’t mean that you are safe from UV risks. Sunscreen will make a great choice for the outdoorsy audience. While it keeps your recipients safe from the sun, your brand will get a wide angle display on the beach, amusement parks and camping sites- Win-win!

Lip Balm And Sunscreen Tubes

Sunburn Alert UV Color-Changing Stickers:  These handouts  will remind when it is time to reapply sunscreen ;it will make a perfect giveaway for the sun lovers who may lose track of time as they soak up the fun and indulge in their favorite outdoor activities. Show that you care!

Printed Sunburn Alert UV Color-Changing Stickers

Hand sanitizers

A must have in every work bag or holiday bag,  hand sanitizers will ensure the much needed hand hygiene while on the go and remove the trail of touch points  during holidays and outdoor events. Choose from a wide range of models like gel, spray or liquid to suit the needs of your audience. Travel size models and carabiner bottles will be especially popular among the outdoorsy clients.

1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are easier to use while on the go.  Offered in a wide range of models and packing options, wet wipes will literally keep your brand in plain view of your audience whether they are at work or play!

10 Piece Sanitizer Wet Wipes In Re-Sealable Pouch


Facemask is no longer a seasonal trend but a part of the life style of everyone in the new normal world. Choose from various models like reusable models, disposable models and even antibacterial models  – to name a few. Businesses will find masks a great way to show that they care while highlighting their message and brand.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

  1. Bandanas

Make the  outdoor stints  of the holiday crowd fun and safe alike with custom bandanas. Use it as neck tie, wrist band, facemasks or bandana, these brightly colored fabric accessories  are the ultimate show stoppers of the season  it. Anyone can even elevate their plain  home look to something  bold with these accessories

Comfort Mesh Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Mask with SILVADUR™

Custom cooling towels

Whether it is a game day, a marathon or a beach holiday, everyone will find custom cooling towels a perfect choice to keep their heads cool even when they are in the middle of their favorite outdoor activities. Choose from various models and colors. We  even have a model with mask holds that everyone will find useful.

Very Kool Cooling Towels

 Add your brand or logo to these popular products and get your message reach a wider audience. For more tips, talk to our team today and come up with a perfect fall season inventory of custom gifts.