Employee Spotlight: James Gartrell

Phone: 919-294-8946 (Toll Free)

E-Mail: jgartrell@proimprint.com

How long have you been a part of the ProImprint family, and what has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey so far?​
Meet James, a dedicated member of the ProImprint family for an impressive 6 years. During this time, James has thrived, working with an amazing team and a wonderfully diverse customer base. Reflecting on his journey, James shares that the most rewarding aspect has been the relationships built with clients and colleagues. These cherished connections have been the highlight of James’s ProImprint experience.
What’s your favorite ProImprint memory from your time here?​
One memory stands out for James: his first week at ProImprint. It was a time of learning the system, getting acclimated with the processes, and starting his book of business. This foundational week was both exciting and memorable, marking the beginning of a successful journey at ProImprint.
As someone with experience at ProImprint, what do you think sets our company apart from others?​
When asked what sets ProImprint apart, James points to the company’s unique ability to personally relate to clients’ needs and anticipate their wants. It’s this personal touch, combined with a dedicated team that prides itself on customer satisfaction, that truly distinguishes ProImprint in the industry.
Bonus Questions​​
Share a funny or memorable nickname you’ve earned from your colleagues at ProImprint and the story behind it. Around the office, James is known by two memorable nicknames: “The Sheriff” and “The Fireman.” These nicknames highlight James’s passion and drive to ensure every client receives exceptional service and that any issues are handled with care and precision.
Life quote​
A quote that resonates deeply with James is: “We may have many obstacles to overcome and hills to climb, but as long as we do it with grace and humility, we can continue to be an example to others.”
Anything else that you would like to share about yourself that is not listed?​
Beyond the professional sphere, James is an avid fan of the Carolina Panthers, the Hurricanes, the Duke Blue Devils, and the Charlotte Hornets. This passion for sports adds another layer to James’s vibrant personality.