Election Campaign Ideas and Giveaways For Every Budget

Nothing beats promotional giveaways in getting the political message out for election candidates. At least, this could be one thing both Republicans and Democrats will agree on! Branded swag will help you reach out to your workers and volunteers at the grass root and make an impact in your campaign.

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Choosing the election campaign handouts will largely depend on the budget of the candidates and the type of audience they wish to reach out to. Incorporating the party colors of red or blue in their promotions is another smart way to remind the audience about your message.

#1: Political T shirts

It makes a classic election campaign giveaway to get your message across and impress your audience. Offered in a wide range of colors and fabrics, T shirts get a long retention as well. Customize it with your brand, message or tagline to make it unique without being overwhelming. Your audience may not be keen to walk around in T shirts that look like walking billboards after all!

Port and Company® Cotton T-Shirts

#2: Election Campaign Banners

Banners and signs make high visibility promotional items to make your symbol and message stand out. Get these banners digitally imprinted with your message displayed at your home turf where you enjoy a formidable support. These banners will also help you win more supporters in areas where you wish to leave your presence. Banners will never get overlooked. Choose from various models including single and double side banners.

Full Color Double Sided Promotional Flag

Car magnets

Take your message on to the roads with these full color custom  car magnets which make a great election promo item. Your supporters and workers will all find it a great collectible as well!

 Personalized Oval Shape Magnets Outdoor Safe 35 Mil

Eco friendly handouts
Including eco friendly handouts like wheat pens or wheat tumblers is a great way to highlight their social commitment. Reports show that more people support brands that adopt responsible promotions.

16 Oz Wheat Travel Tumblers


Low in cost yet high in utility, pens make a great handout to put your message into the hands of your audience. Everyone loves political campaign pens and every time they use it, they will be reminded of your message.

You can choose from a wide range of models including stylus pens that get used more often than ordinary pens. Light up pens will put your message under spotlight literally! These novelty pens will make great handouts that everyone will find useful.

Good Value Metal Twist Stylus Pens


Head wear accessories like caps and visors are stylish ways to make your message stand out even in crowded events. If you are planning an outdoor rally custom caps and visors will get used the moment you distribute it to the audience and your message gets all the attention.

Wave Sandwich Caps

Looking for something sleek and casual? Custom bandannas will make a great choice. Available in various colors and designs including star and stripes, bandannas make a stylish way to get people talk about your candidate.

18 Inch American Flag Bandanas

Hand fans

Hand fans will cool off the rally crowd while keeping your political message in plain view. Choose from a wide range of interesting models right from paper fans to battery operated models and combo items to match the needs and budget. Your audience will surely be pleased.

Promotional Patriotic Hand Fans

We have a lot more! Which custom gifts are you making your election campaign giveaways? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.