Ecofriendly Trade Show Giveaway Ideas That Are Hard To Overlook

Summer is the busiest tradeshow season for marketers and most of them will be busy looking for innovative hand outs that complement the tastes of their booth visitors. Let’s admit it. The promotional gifts that go into each swag bag will go a long way in driving the crowd in any tradeshows. For the participants, it will be a challenging task to leave a lasting impression and to stand out from the crowd. We have a few clever ways for you to impress your audience and to put your brand name right in front of them.

Choose promotional gifts that are popular
The best way to impress the audience is to hand out logo gifts that the attendees will love to have.

Seasonal gifts are popular
Keep in mind the season while choosing gifts as seasonal products are almost always well received. Summer is the time when most people plan their outdoor holidays and attend events like fairs and tradeshows. So, ecofriendly gifts like recyclable sunglasses will be an excellent choice. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time your recipients use these, they will be reminded of your message.

Eco friendly items
By handing out ecofriendly items, your recipients will be impressed about your social commitment as much as your brand.

Here are some other ecofriendly items that will fit the bills of tradeshow handouts that will take your brand to your attendees and make a positive influence.

Eco-friendly pens: Pens are popular tradeshow gift items and by handing out eco-friendly pens, you can take your branding to a higher plane by offering a functional item with zilch environmental impact. These wooden or bamboo pens are excellent options to promote all types of businesses.Custom Imprinted Bamboo Design Twist Pens

Cotton tote bags – Tote bags are hot tradeshow handouts and when it happens to be long lasting and ecofriendly, your attendees will have yet another reason to retain it for a longer time. Available in various colors and patterns, these logo bags will give your brand an environmentally friendly tag while reaching out to your potential customers.Custom Imprinted Cotton Convention Tote Bags

Eco-friendly bookmarks These personalized bookmarks are printed with green-friendly information on both sides and is durable, reliable and informative.Personalized My Eco-Friendly World Bookmarks

T-shirts – T-shirts are chart busters among tradeshow gifts as everybody will love to have a branded t-shirt in their collection. Every time they wear these logo items, these offer free advertising for your brand. Choose from organic T shirts made of natural fibers like cotton and make your tradeshow campaign not just successful but inspiring as well.Promotional Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

Not everyone might have thought of handing out environmentally friendly swag yet. So, hurry. By doing so, you can stay ahead of the competition and make a positive impression among your customers. Well, that positive and inspiring message will encourage everyone to rally behind your brand.

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