Easy Tips and Fun Ideas To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Office and beyond

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural and religious holiday with fun twist. Dedicated to the patron Saint of Ireland and celebrated on 17th of March, it has become a popular event all over the world these days.

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Wish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Irish-style? Think food, drink, and all things green. Here are some fun tips to get started!

Green is the color of choice

Whether it is a green colored T-shirt, bandanna or a green wrist band, you can choose to go as mild or as wild as you wish in your dressing style. Marketers can handout T shirts imprinted with shamrock or Irish taglines to make great store promotional items or milestone gifts on St. Patrick’s Day. Accessories like green hat or stockings also make a head turning statement. Bars and restaurants can even consider T-shirts with Irish beer monikers to create the right mood.

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Patty’s themed Work gear

 If you’re working on March 17th, why not get into a festive spirit by adding specks of green into your work attire? A green-colored polo or collared shirt, or shamrock-printed tie or socks will all be perfect handouts for your team. You can even have accessories like clover shaped buttons and lapel pins.  You can go all out to express the fun side of fashion during this day not just during parades but at work as well.

Port and Company® Fan Favorite TeesEnjoy Irish Music and Dance

Let your team break into a quick spell of Irish step dancing. It is a fun way to increase flexibility and burn calories!  Just fine hone the dancing skills with some Irish dancing videos or online tutorials. It is a great way to socialize as well. Whether you are a small group or a large gathering of  boisterous buddies,  it will  be a great choice to consider. You can even organize an Irish dancing competition to take the fun to a higher level.

Play some Irish music. You can even download it online. Celebrate the music legacy of Ireland which takes credit to Celtic, folk and traditional Irish pub songs. If some of your team members can play any traditional Irish instruments including the tin whistle, the bodhrán, it will be double fun!

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Eat traditional Irish food

Ireland is not just famous for beer and spirits. An Irish spread of corned beef, cabbage and lamb stew accompanied by traditional Irish soda bread will make a great way to celebrate this festival. You can even order green chocolate chip cookies or cakes for your party to go with the theme and get instagram fame!


 Attend local parades

If you cannot attend the five day festival in Dublin, Ireland, you can still attend the local parades. Enjoy the spectacular sights of local dance troupes, marching bands and themed floats. Encourage your team to get dressed up and be part of the parade themselves. It will make some great snap shots and memories apart from boosting their team pride.

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Pub crawling

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like some fine spirits, whiskey tasting and bar crawling fun. If you are planning a themed celebration on this day, make sure to offer some special prices on draft beer and food.

You can arrange a pub crawl for your office team to get a close-up experience of the local Irish pub scene, where they can reach out to a few pints of Guinness.

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Plan A party at home after office

If you are too busy to plan a party at office or being out in the crowd is not your cup of tea, you can still celebrate St Patrick’s day at home.  Invite a few friends and plan a themed party. Fix a green dress code, order beer in surplus and do not forget those personalized gifts to send home your guests. Think of clover shaped items, beer glasses, glow in the dark pilsner and more. There is a something special for every budget.

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