Did you know that  Chocolate Can Help promote Your Company

Running a business is like a game of hide and seek! You have to  find your target audience and tag along them without being obtrusive. Often it is not easy; proven handouts like chocolates that everyone loves will draw your audience closer and  help you win the promotional game.


The best part – you need not be in the food business or run a sweet shop to use chocolates to advertise. At $195 million, the novelty chocolate industry is massive indeed. Why not cash in on the incredible popularity that these sweet delights  to make your branding a sweet affair?

Just come up with the best creative ideas; before you even know you can see containers and chocolate boxes customized with your brand driving your chocolate marketing strategy.

People are passionate about Chocolate

Chocolates stimulate all five senses and release the happy hormones of endorphins that will help people beat stress and enhance their mood. So why not pamper your customers with custom chocolates that will not just make them happy but keep your logo right on top in their mind. People buy chocolates from not just stores and bakers but  even  from community festivals, farmer’s markets, street vendors or fairs – literally from anywhere!

A staggering  80% of U.S. adults enjoy eating chocolates and 50% are addicted to chocolates!

Marketing with chocolates is a smart idea to get the attention of people. Interestingly even book shops can increase their sales by using chocolate scented perfumes or room fresheners. Studies show that the scent will make 40% more customers to buy cookery books or romantic books!

How to make Chocolate Part of Your Marketing

Chocolates enjoy a red carpet welcome anywhere , anytime. People just lap it up and your thoughtful gifts will leave a lasting sweet impression in them.

You can use it in countless occasions like:

Grand Openings: Add a sweet note to your grand opening by customizing chocolates for your guests.

Holiday gifts: Chocolates make a perfect gift item for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays.

Referral gifts or Incentives: Custom chocolate will make a great incentive to get people refer your brand and increase the footfalls of your stores. Think of giving customized chocolates to the first 100 customers who shop with you or for those who refer a minimum of 6 customers- or anything in this line.

Chocolate Squares with 24 Molds

Trade Show handouts: Chocolates make a great ice breaker in tradeshows. It will tempt the attendees to stay longer and know more about your business. By offering something that they can eat right away, businesses get a wide angle brand display as well while your recipients get their favorite talking topic!

Fundraising items: Selling chocolates is an effective way to raise money for sport leagues, non-profits and more. The low cost advantage will make it easy for you to sell at a higher price to raise funds. Chocolates have a profit margin between 40 and 50% depending on the quantity you sell. Nobody can resist these and your coffers will be filled in no time.

Chocolates are great to get people hooked and make them interested in what your brand has to offer.  Offered in hundreds of different flavors including the most popular milk chocolate , white chocolate and dark chocolate , these  will help you throw in a surprise element to your gift boxes that will attract people like crazy!

Chocolate has a universal appeal. Everyone of us is sweet toothed in some way or the other; a majority of Americans are die hard chocolate fans and addicted to this sinless indulgence. Get the chocolate boxes printed with your brand name and logo to make your message more delectable for your audience. Even if you are distributing it in random, it will effectively spread your message even to those who might not have an apparent interest in your products!

Food for thought

Chocolate is tasty and hotly favored by people, even in this digital world. Turn its unbeatable popularity into promotional opportunities for your company. Everyone may find it more interesting and enjoyable than your social media posts or newsletters! Technology accessories  need not be the best sellers among promo gifts at all times!