Did you Know Custom drinkware has an Average Retention of Eight Months

Custom drinkware is bound to do your business more good compared to other conventional promotional methods. You just have to pick up the right models, customize it to match your brand identity and get the best impact. Plus it is available in a wide range of material choices and colors.


The best part is that custom mugs fit every event as well. Whether it is a trade show, company anniversary, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Fund raising events, Mother’s Day and more- it’s the perfect gift for every occasion!

Did you Know Custom drinkware has an Average Retention of Eight Months

24 Oz Ursa Stainless Steel Tumblers

Metal travel tumblers keep the contents well insulated for a longer time and are environment safe. Above all, mugs stay out in the open where eevryone can see it. Make use of this incredible visibility to your advantage by customizing drinkware items with the potential to attract inbound leads.

A personalized ceramic coffee mug not just makes a special gift to your loved ones and family, it will make a perfect giveaway for your employees, clients and business partners. Just add a cute message and artwork on it and you are all set to have one of the most popular handouts ever. You can give it to your teacher, best friend, coworker – just about anyone.

11 Oz Marble Ironstone Mugs

High retention

Consumers hang onto promotional drinkware for an average of eight months. The long shelf life will make it a safe investment to promote your brand. High quality and top trending drinkware items are more likely to form a good opinion of your brand and enhance their loyalty.

Customize it with an interesting logo and artwork to make your promotional mugs attractive and effective in getting your message across. It will also make your custom gifts an interesting conversation starter in the social circles of your audience. Designs with a  “wow” factor featuring a fun and friendly message will never be missed because an interesting design or quote will easily get people excited to show off your mugs!

Include a Call to Action

PPAI reports show  that an overwhelming 83 percent of consumers said they are more likely to do business with brands after receiving a promotional product. You can utilize your custom drinkware items to get people learn more about your business through a quick call to action that tells people what to do next and take your promotion to the next stage.

14 Oz Transparent Tumblers with Full Color Insert

Reach out to Right Audiences

To ensure the widest exposure for your brand, you need to reach out to people who are seriously interested in your products and have solid connections with your business. Choose recipients who enjoy high visibility and broad influence.

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