Cut Through The Digital Noise With Custom Products

Often the deafening digital noise and online publicity will make it impossible for the marketers to make their message reach their target audience. Custom products that represent your brand is a great way to stay connected with your audience and make your message well heard.


Tactile marketing caused by promotional products is highly effective. The dramatic increase in the popularity of custom products and record-breaking growth of this industry highlights this fact. Promotional products outsmart most conventional advertisements like news paper ads or radio spots with its unbelievably low cost per impression starting at just 1/10th of a cent. Talk about generating impressive returns!

Promotional products get an impressive retention

While radio ads, online publicity materials or brochures have a very small shelf life, promotional products will keep your message in plain view of your target audience for a long time. While your clients have something that they can use, you will get a long lasting billboard- win –win!

Receiving gifts will set off reciprocity and this hard-wired formula is proven to work!  Your recipients will be inspired to return the favor to the giver. The warm feelings associated with custom products will help you make a personal rapport with your audience so that your name will always be on their lips. Promotional products will help you to lock in a long term loyalty that will pay off and make brand reminders that are never overlooked.

Studies show that 85% of people remember the advertiser.

So by handing out the coolest company swag to your clients, you get assured positive impressions and top quality reputation.

Promotional products are 2.5 times more likely to leave a positive impression than customary advertisements

Though online marketing is integral in running a business in a digital age, even today, millennials prefer branded swag campaigns to other forms of advertising including television, radio, newspaper etc. So, it is clear where your company should be investing in its advertising strategy in the future.

Mass media like TV and newspapers feed tons of marketing materials to the public often without any long lasting impact, whereas personalized handouts will ensure a high precision targeted approach and make positive feelings among your audience.

To cut a long story short, promotional marketing is all about giving people something that they can actually use rather than taking up their time. People are taking a note of this trend in this fast-paced world and have been appreciating the true value of promotional-products for what these are capable of!

Promotional swag marketing may not be a new concept but the wide variety of products that are available will ensure a fresh appeal every time. From classic favorites like T shirts and drinkware items that continue to steal the hearts of people to a wide range of fun products , combo gifts  and  tech accessories, there is something out here  that everybody will find interesting.

18 Oz Executive Vacuum Tumblers

Blue tooth products

Stay ahead in the changing trends by handing out these bluetooth promotional swag that make lives easier and interesting. Choose from a wide range of models like wireless speakers, earphones and more.

Lando Bluetooth Speakers

Classic T shirts

Even the tech head millennial community will find these casual apparels hard to resist! Immensely popular even among the youth subset, apparels are here to stay forever and trends like retro-chic throwbacks are back in fashion.

An average Millennial reporting owns no less than five branded t-shirts and retain it for over a year

Custom T shirts make an impressive average of 3,400 views in its shelf life at one time investment. So, can there be a better way to put your advertising dollars to work for you? Choose from a wide range of apparels like sports wear, dress shirts, polo shirts and much more that will fit into the different dressing needs of your customers, employees and clients.  Stay on trend by customizing these apparels with your brand, message and artwork.

Bella+Canvas® Ladies Relaxed Fit Jersey Tees

Customary advertisements like news paper ads have become obsolete. So, if you are looking for a promotional campaign that will help you survive in this highly competitive business environment, business swag could well be the answer!