Custom Travel Products For Holiday Promotions

Custom travel products are a cool way to reach out to a wider customer base while making your brand part of their travel experiences. Choose custom giveaways that your prospects will find useful during their holiday trips that can literally get your name out there. Take leverage of the holiday season to create hype around your brand with custom travel staples.

Just think of the exposure your brand will get everywhere in the world as your recipients set out on holidays. Whether people travel by land, air, or water, they will need travel essentials to make their trips easier and hassle free. So when they include travel accessories in your promotion, your brand will definitely stay with them.

Here are some custom travel items that you will find interesting.

Cooling towels  

Keep the travelers fresh during the long drawn day trips by handing out custom cooling towels. Quick drying and light weight, these towels will leave the users refreshed easily while putting your brand on display. The best part is that your recipients will find it useful not just during holiday trips but also during golf games, fitness activities and more. 

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags obviously make travel easier than any other custom giveaway for sure. Help your prospects to keep their baggage safe and avoid unfortunate baggage mix up at busy airports with custom luggage tags. Small yet incredibly practical, these will also suit the travelling needs of every genre of audience and will spread the word across wide distances.  Further, these custom giveaways will ensure brand display wherever your recipients go, to make valuable impressions.  


Vacationers always want to look chic in their holiday snapshots. Bandanas will make a handy accessory that will make them look cool.  This versatile piece of clothing can be worn in countless creative ways as head bands, face masks, wrists bands and gaiters among others. So, your brand on these accessories will get a wide angle display for sure. It will even make a great talking topic in the holiday group and even beyond.

Compact mirrors

Make sure that your audience remains well groomed and neat wherever they go. Compact mirrors will help them to touch up or check on their hair before posing in front of the camera. Choose from a wide range of mirrors and customize it with your brand to reflect your brand identity- literally! In addition, your recipients will use these compact promo items regularly at work, school, and even home, which means your message will get consistent impressions for a long time.

Neck Pillows

Neck pillows are definitely handy during long road trips and flights to ensure comfort for the users.  Your message on these items will get an incredible visibility even after the holiday trips. Practical and long lasting, custom neck pillows will make your brand on full display. Make use of the generous imprint space on pillows to highlight your logo and artwork. It will surely increase your brand visibility.

Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are probably one of the most common promotional travel products that will keep toiletries well organized and easily accessible. Choose from a wide range of models in every price rate to match your branding needs. Personalize these custom toiletry bags with your logo to show that you care. Handing out functional giveaways like toiletry bags will make your brand part of their everyday life style.

We have a lot more. Promotional travel products printed with your logo never fail to take your business to places and ensure a wide angle display for your brand at one time investment.